There is nothing, nothing so comforting as a bowl of soup when the weather starts to change. Last weekend whilst I was dog-sitting the Bassets, it was grey & raining outside and I wanted something warm for supper.

So I made fridge soup – what goes in the pot is what is discovered lurking in the vegetable drawer. I found a leek and three quarters of an onion, so with three medium potatoes from the larder, I made my own version of leek & potato soup.

First chop up the vegetables: (ignore browning potatoes, I cldn’t find my camera for a bit)

Leek & potato soup

Heat some olive oil, & throw onions & leeks into heavy pot over very low heat and put on lid.

Leek & potato soup

When they have softened cover with water/stock to two inches over. Add chopped potatoes.

Leek & potato soup

Turn up heat so liquid simmers and cook for around 20-15 minutes until potatoes are completely soft.

Leek & potato soup

Whizz it all together with immersion blender for speed or, if like me you like smooth soup with some chunks, take out a large ladleful of potato first, adding back once you’ve whizzed the rest. Equally you can pass through a sieve, use a mouli-legumes or shove it all in the Magimix.

Leek & potato soup

And ta da! Super quick & easy leek & vegetable soup. I added a blob of sour cream to mine.

Leek & potato soup

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