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Thank you everyone who left a comment to tell us about their favourite dress. I used to choose three people to receive a copy of the book. And they are:

Kiki said…
It’s black lace, found on the floor of a Zara sale years ago for £10. I’ve worn it to everything, from everyday with flats to evening, for work meetings to a picnic at the park with flip-flops and Xmas dinner with friends. I’ve worn it so much the wrap detail at the front has loosened up and is now held together with a pin making it uneven (but I like it even more this way!) And wearing it one day this summer, waiting at some London traffic lights I got the best compliment EVER, from a cute old lady, “I love the way it moves at the back and it shows off your pretty legs! You walk well in it!” I walked with her to her house, chatting about her granddaughter, called everyone I know to tell them and had a smile on my face for the rest of the day! x

Claire said…
My favourite dress, is a pink collared vintage piece I found on. It was floor length, until it got it to my house that is! I cut it to a more modern length that suited my shape and height better, and now I wear it all the time. I always get asked where its from and how much. No one believes me when I say £5 from eBay!
I am wearing it here :
I love the look of those books! I study fashion promotion with styling and it would come in so handy! Fingers crossed! xox

Mirandola said…
The dusky pink silk dress my italian grandma made for me for my first dressed up party, when I was 18. She’d been a seamstress and volunteered to make me the dress. I was terrified, in the way that only an overwrought teenager can be, that the dress would be wrong, somehow, and that I’d get laughed at. I should point out, here, that I’d never seen my grandma wear anything but southern italian woman black wool…
My mum didn’t want to hurt nonna’s feelings by saying no, so we agreed that I’d pretend to wear whatever she made, but that if I didn’t like it I’d get a proper, shop-bought dress. And it was fabulous. Not let’s-be-nice-to-elderly-relative-wearable. It was chic, and flattering, and made me feel grown up and…. She was amazing.

Such fabulous stories from everyone. Girls: please can you email me at libertylondongirl at and I will let you know how to claim your books.

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such lovely stories. well deserved ladies! xos


Congratulations to the winners!

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