I’m feeling rather sad at the thought of leaving New Jersey. It’s been wonderful getting to spend proper time with J& Y, and with les Bassets, and I shall miss them very much. And what am I going to do without those silky Basset ears to play with?

After my stressful bolt around Manhattan yesterday, we have had a calm evening, eating Y’s delicious homemade cauliflower au gratin off our laps, and watching the Star Trek movie (a second time for both J & me; we were just geeking out by watching it again), teaching Y how to do the Vulcan hand salute & eating Magnolia’s chocolate devil’s food cake.

J remarked that I seemed quietly excited about my trip back to England and he was right…sort of. It’s always lovely to see family, friends and dogs, but I don’t really want to be in England right now, not one bit. But my mother is feeling mis & I think we both need to regroup.

So I’m sugar coating the pill by arranging lovely things to do instead. The basic plan is that I will spend the weeks writing & clearing attics with my mother at the family home in the countryside near Banbury, and the weekends in London, until I return to NYC at the beginning of January.

Highlights so far include a Tweetup in London this weekend with various of my blog & Twitter acquaintance, seeing New Moon with my best friend Miss P, and the prospect of dinner & a stay at the new Dean Street Townhouse hotel from the Soho House stable, which opens next week. There’s also a chance I may get to see the wonderful Tania Kindersley as we serendipitously find ourselves in the same part of the world. (Tania lives in Scotland and I in America, so this is luck indeed.)

Whilst I am on the subject of Tania, her & Sarah Vine’s most excellent book Backwards in High Heels
would be the perfect Christmas present for intelligent and loved girlfriends. Read about it here & buy it here(It’s out in America in the New Year.)

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well it will be lovely to follow you on home turf although i will miss the bassett pics. new moon weekend here we come! My friend and I have it all worked out. Sunday roast by the common (Womble common) followed by New Moon.


You're so lucky living in the US. This jaded Londoner would love a little spell over there. Hopefully one day soon. In the meantime I make do with visiting as much as poss! Enjoy your time over here! You should run a blog workshop while here for us lowly newbies. ;p xx


Dear LLG,

I just looked up Soho House and it looks fabulous! I didn't realise it had featured in a Sex and the City episode.

I've been reading your blog for over 6 months now, and am forever learning more about the world of fashion, NYC, and delightful culinary experiences.

Enjoy your time back in the family fold, and I look forward to some London-based blogs from you.

Poppy xox


Excellent news, my dear. Sounds like a well thought-out plan. Hope to see youe lovely self over the coming weeks. xx


Love reading about your antics! :))


Bon Voyage, LLG. I'll miss the NYC/NJ stories, but look forward to English tales.


LLG your mummy's nest will be full-how wonderful must that feeling be. am sure you'll be taking long walks with her (even tho' it'll be cold), playing with the darling dogs, and cooking up a storm in her dream-of-a-kitchen. my parents have just left to spend the winters in Pakistan and i am missing them sorely- even tho' we dont even live in the same city. enjoy this time with the lovely twitter ladies as well as your fam. xo


That is impressive – you couldn't do all that in that time in London.

Not by public transport anyway.


I'm several posts behind, so I'm going to read this one and each one after it all in one go.

I hope you have fun in England, and enjoy your hols, LLG.

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