Birdhouse glass drop earrings
Gold earrings with flower clusters &white glass briolettes $26

Birdhouse silver ring black pearl
Silver Flower Ring with Black Pearl $46

Birdhouse Jewelry - Tiny Gold Skull Necklace
Tiny Gold Skull Necklace $20

Birdhouse Jewelry is one of my favourite everyday jewellery makers in New York. I first saw their work at the glorious Brooklyn Flea open air market, and every so often have a little flick through their Etsy pages.

Designed by Amy and Alen Lapierre, from their studio on a very quiet waterfront street in NYC, they specialise in gold and silver jewelry – all with incredibly affordable prices – everything is $10-$50. Their pieces are great for people like me who are a little careless – it’s not the end of the world if you misplace them, and they do make perfect presents. Speaking of which, I love that their mail orders come with a free bright red giftbox decorated with a red bow & that they charge a tiny $3 for shipping within the US.

How to get your sticky mitts on Birdhouse Jewelry:
If you are in New York, they have a booth every Saturday and Sunday at Brooklyn Flea, held on Saturdays 10-5 in an outdoor schoolyard in Fort Greene and Sundays 11-6 in Dumbo, Brooklyn, directly under the Brooklyn Bridge.
Otherwise checkout their website here & their Etsy shop here.

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so cute! another one to check out is by a girl named Jennifer in Brooklyn, she even has a necklace that looks like Posetta Baddog! :o)


Thanks. You just solved an affordable pretty silver necklace (or lack thereof) problem.


Those are sweet little things!


Very nice opportunity for people who love gold, silver and beautiful design.Thank you for the tip!

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