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If, like me, your appetite for flashy logo spattered bags was thoroughly sated several years ago and you think It bags are the work of the devil, then you might be interested in buying the well designed, keenly priced and stylish Tabitha bag shown above, which just so happens to have a purpose beyond looking good swinging from your elbow.

Designed by the head accessories designer for Jigsaw, and the brainchild of The Bag Ladies, a group of talented London mothers working pro bono, this stylish handbag is helping to raise funds for BACT (The Bulgarian Abandoned Children’s Trust)’s Baba Programme, which finds surrogate grannies to care for disabled Bulgarian children (seen as a disgrace in Bulgarian culture) who have been locked away from society in institutions where they are physically and mentally abandoned.

A total of 500 bags have been produced and 100% of the net profits (£155 a bag) will go towards the hiring of new Babas in one of Bulgaria’s biggest institutions for babies and young children. If all the bags are sold, forty children can be matched with a Baba to care, nurture and love them.

The sale of 1 bag alone will provide 6 weeks of dedicated care for 1 child. What are you waiting for?

tabitha bag 1

They are available in metallic, a lovely faded purple and carmel leather as above.
£155 plus £5 postage
More on The Bag Ladies at
Buy a bag here
And find out more about BACT’s wonderful Baba Programme here

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Oh, that bag brings to mind so much imagery! It looks really smooth to the touch, and wonderful to carry.


I'm off to buy one right now – I actually was drooling at the handbag before I even saw it was for charity.. (My brother was disabled with Cerebral palsy so this really pulls my heart strings) Thanks SO much for posting about this xxxxx


Can't wait to get my purple bag and share the story!!

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