It’s so long since I’ve been outdoors that I am etiolated and my hair is a birds nest. Low grade ill is just so damn dull. My legs ache and throb, my head hurts and I want to sleep All The Time. I’m on antibiotics (doxycycline) already for a tick bite (thank you Bambi & Bassets) I got a few weeks ago so I’m either fighting off that infection or I have some unspecified autumnal lurgy.

Whatever the cause, I am in a VILE mood. It’s all very well having to stay in bed – but I’m a self-employed writer – I can work from bed any day I choose. Being imprisoned here with a splitting headache is a whole different ball game.

I’ve just slunk downstairs for some puppy love, a cup of Earl Grey and a slice of chocolate cake. I have little appetite, but I am hungry. And goodness, what a restorative combination: I feel quite well again
But no doubt I’ll have a Godalmighty sugar crash in half an hour and retire weeping to my bed again.

Hopefully normal transmission will be restored tomorrow.

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Hope you're feeling better soon….you managed to post this three times. I thought I was ill for a bit, couldn't understand why I kept seeing the same post three times. ;0)
Look after yourself.



I hope you feel better?

On a different note, are you much of a Dolly Parton fan, take a look at this t-shirt image:

Got another piece of chocolate cake for me?



Feel better, have the boys give you a foot rub while peeling you grapes! xoxo.


Have heard the ticks are especially bad in NJ this season. Do take care–we want you healthy!!


Sooo sorry to hear that! look after yourself and hopefully you feel better and brighter soon, b


Feel better soon.


Oh poor you. I hope you have friends to come over and bring you more chocolate cake and chicken soup. Get better soon!


Watch Pedro Almodovar's movies. They always make me feel better.
However, I think chocolate cake would do it also. Hope you do get better soon and tell us more of your adventures 🙂


Hope you're feeling much better now xxx


Chocolate cake should count as "medication."

Again, I hope you're feeling better.

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