Here are the five winners for the Etre Touchy sort of fingerless gloves. As usual, I used to generate five numbers, and chose the comments that corresponded. A big thank you to everyone who left a comment: there were a wonderful assortment of uses for the gloves, and amongst the winners are a priest, a cyclist and a photographer which I think demonstrates perfectly the glorious variety of LLG readers. (Even Dave Yello, my favourite dinosaur, entered. Although as he wanted them for rampaging, I’m quite relieved his number didn’t come up this time.)

No 2: Llefenni said…

ooh, oooh! I’m a techy AND a cyclist! These mega-gloves would allow me to change gear without falling off the bike and THEN answer a call on my Hero, with NO FUSS! Amazing! Thanks for the post LLG, found you through @KirstieMallsopp 😀

No, 7: Alastair said…
Those gloves would be very good for taking a Communion service in a cold country church 🙂

No. 18: deililly said…
I live on a windy hill in Scotland. I would be glued into them at this time of year. Both inside the house and out! That would be so great, could use phone/substitute brain without getting cold hands! Black with charcoal sounds lovely.

No.34: Becky Colley said…
It’s about time somebody made something like this – usually beauty comes before practicality but it’d be nice to have both! I’m a student photographer frequently suffering from frozen fingers so I’d use mine with my camera. Thanks for the opportunity! x (Grey with rose trim)

No. 83 pretty face said…
ooh I’d love grey with rose trim! I’d be able to turn the pages of my book whilst nibbling on a biscuit in the park 🙂 x

Could you all email me at libertylondongirl at for details on how to claim your gloves? Alistair & Llefenni: don’t forget to say which colourway you’d like. Thank you.

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It's a small world. I know Alistair in real life but had no idea he read your blog (wonder if his biker buddies know he reads a fashion blog – bribery potential)

and deilily knows friends of mine


Oh my god… I have been feeling so unlucky lately, it's lovely to win 🙂 Thank you!


I have emailed you, with a probably very dense question… thanks again!


Congrats to all the winners! This is the best giveaway as I LIVE in fingerless gloves (i'm wearing at pair at my office right now)! I have Raynaud's syndrome (can't maintain any level of body heat) Hence my cute glove, coat, hat, scarf collection!

You're a doll for hosting such a great giveaway!

p.s. your yellow dinosaur sounds like something my Lyonn would like to get his woolley little {hands} on to take out rampaging!


Congrats to all winners!!!



You say rampaging, I say harmless office fun. Think of it as a team building exercise.


I am so sad I missed out on this!

Congratulations to the winners!

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