I have a special Friday giveaway today: the makers of the Etre Touchy lambswool fingerless gloves which I featured yesterday were so happy with the response from y’all that they have offered five FREE pairs of gloves for LLG readers.

All you have to do is leave a comment below telling me what gadget you’d use (maybe a camera or iPod) or job you’d do whilst wearing your gloves (photographer or make-up artist perhaps), and I’ll uses a random number generator to pick five winners on Monday afternoon. This giveway is open to readers worldwide.

Please state which colourway you’d like:
Charcoal with turquoise trim, Grey with rose trim, Black with charcoal trim or Chocolate with mint stripes.

etre touchy grey

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crackberry of course!!! also would be particularly useful to facilitate the pinching of rude people!


Ooh, oooh! I'm a techy AND a cyclist! These mega-gloves would allow me to change gear without falling off the bike and THEN answer a call on my Hero, with NO FUSS! Amazing! Thanks for the post LLG, found you through @KirstieMallsopp 😀


Gorgeous! I would love LOVE a black/charcoal pair because I could write in cosy comfort (longhand, ink, Montblanc). Autumn winds are whipping through this drafty C14 cottage and though Uggs/anklelength cardi combo keeps the rest of me warm, my hands are *freezing*. Genius idea 🙂


I would use those gloves to cycle like the wind and never, ever have my hands slip as I changed gears or tried to break to prevent death by bolshy bus.

They could literally be lifesavers.


I would wear mine while fashion blogging on my meine iPhone 3Gs which I'm still getting used to! These would be tres perfect to keep my mitts warm while still learning x


Those are the most gorgeous (and useful) gloves ever. I love them. I'd wear them to use my little white iPhone, and occasionally to do some two-fingered typing on my PC when I'm feeling too cheap to turn on the heating. Charcoal with turquoise trim please!


Those gloves would be very good for taking a Communion service in a cold country church 🙂


How nice of them!

I would use them to check my e-mails and twitter on my Blackberry whilst waiting for the train. Sad, but true.

I also especially like the chocolate with mint stripes colourway. Reminds me of icecream.


I would use them to operate my tiny, ageing creative zen v plus when out and about! The choc and mint ones would go particularly nicely with my winter boots!


Amazing, have to love live Twitter feeds…

I would love a pair of black/rose trim because I could satisfy my blackberry addiction while walking the cold streets of London. (and look good at the same time)

Besides, my wooly red mittens don't quite do the trick.

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