Minnetonka Women's Moosehide driving moc

I am obsessed with Minnetonka moccasins. Obsessed, I tell you. This burning love crept up slowly over a few years, and has developed into a long lasting relationship.

It all started back in 2006, when a very nice man, who worked next door to the idiot boy I was then dating, invited me to his office to have a squint at the shoes he imported from the US to the UK.

Being a fashion editor an’all, I was intrigued. In the small room were multiple shelves of moccasins. So far, so whatever.

Then I tried on the Moosehide Driving Mocs. Instant convert. The super thick cushioned inner sole is marshmallow soft; they were definitively the most comfortable shoe I had ever worn. (One of the reasons that they are so comfy is that traditional moccasins, unlike normal shoes, have their sides and sole constructed from one piece of leather which is then sewn to the upper, and which allows the shoe to flex and shape itself to your foot.)

The very nice man generously gifted me two pairs, the marshmallow-y driving shoes and a pair of classic beaded Thunderbirds, but I was busy being a high heel wearing fashion editor and, when I moved to New York a few months later, there just wasn’t much call for flat shoes in my life.

Fast forward to the beginning of this year just after I left my US magazine. Running around on assignment in New York and driving nearly 5000 miles around California, I needed comfortable everyday shoes. I dug out both pairs and I’ve pretty much worn them to the exclusion of anything else. It doesn’t hurt that they suddenly look right with everything from bare legs & shorts to skirts & opaque tights.

Minnetonka Thunderbird LLG
(My feet in Santa Barbara back in April)

They also make those suede moccasin boots that are always being photographed on Kate Moss et al. (Minnetonkas are the ur-moccasins in the American commercial market: they’ve been making them since 1946.)

UK: www.minnetonka.co.uk (official website, every style available)
US: Net a Porter (ankle & knee boots only)
Zappos (Neither style pictured above but a pretty wide selection nonetheless)
Minnetonkasales.com (very wide selection including the ones above)

They are substantially cheaper in the US, but I don’t advise UK purchasers to order them from US websites: by the time customs, taxes & postage are paid, the difference often evaporates.

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wow these look amazing, and so soft indeed! I have a shoddy pair from a chain store, i really like the style of them with jeans and smock dresses. i think i need to up and buy a proper pair, after reading your post.



I share your love for Minnetonka mocassins. Super-comfortable, cute and well-made. Plus, and very important, at a very honest price.


I LOVE my Minnetonkas too, if only because saying their name makes me smile (and they're ridiculously comfy too)! I bought mine years ago from their official website and had a friend in the US post them to me (here in London). I especially love the small detail that these were the shoes my US friend bought at the start of each school year!


Oh this was meant to be…a friend (who actually lived in Minnetonka, MN for some years:) sent some to me years ago. Indeed,marvelllously comfy. I had them for a long time but finally they were done…couldn't even be donated.

Fast forward to forgetting all about them as a possibility (I don't go into many stores these days), a (temporary!) pretty considerable weight gain, & very sore feet.

I've been able to buy some good boots at DUO to fit my (temporarily!) heavier calves but was pouting about having something I could slip into to bop around the apt/neighborhood in. Still wearing some desert boots I bought in Rome in 1984 when I hurt my foot. The other day, I walked by a shop near my apt. & there were some MMs (no, not M&Ms:) & I thought, 'Oh, I don't know…maybe I look frumpy enough." Well, the point is,of course they're not frumpy if worn with some dash & attitude. On Friday, I'll zip up & buy some. I wish I could somehow give you a commission.

BTW, redoing a wardrobe-for-now with weight gain & attendant upset (it's all medical but who cares? I feel awful) but must attend some events, & for heaven's sake get dressed to walk outside…it's been really nightmarish,upsetting to have to withdraw 401k funds to just make it through this economy (& being so afraid to do so but when the rent is due, it's due).

Blogs like LLG have been such a help. I thank you.

I love your blog.

Thanks so very much. Even if you might feel at times (I don't know that you do), 'oh who cares about this?'–it can come just in time for someone who really does need the information or encouragement.

Cheers, dear.


The first pair on the photo, looks like chocolat!:)))
I think they should be very comfortable.


I have the knee high boots. You are so right – they are brilliant and so comfortable. What I really love is that as they age the colour becomes more muted. xx


i have a pair of the same minnetonka's which you have, only they are blue! i love them to death, they are so comfortable. i plan on buying another pair soon, since i've worn my other pair to bits! 🙂


I was very hopeful to find these in black, but they're only in shades of brown (from what I can find) alas.

They're exactly what I'd like. If only!


despite growing up in pennsylvania, i grew up on minnetonkas, and my daughter's first pair of winter shoes were booties…reminds me i need to go out and get a pair. perfectly stylish for the bump-ed me.


I Love flat shoes, I'm off for a looky! Thanks for the info! xxx

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