I was complaining only yesterday that, whilst we have herds of Bambis frolicking over the lawns here, groundhogs are in particularly short supply now that hibernation time approaches.

I am very taken with these furry native American creatures: I had my first sighting ever from a car in July and was beside myself at the cuteness. But today is the first time I have actually seen one up close, pottering around the back yard. It mooched around for five or so minutes, before shuffling back into the undergrowth. Made my day.


ps Just discovered that they are also known as whistle pigs. Love.

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Adorable! How lucky you are, to have seen one up close 🙂


"Whistle Pigs!?!?!?" That is superb.


I felt the same excitement when I first moved to London and spotted a squirrel! Now see them everywhere of course, but still stop and watch them every time – they are the cutest!!


and they are actually big squirrels!


How ignorant am I? Thought they didn't exists. Very cute. Helena xx


How wonderful!


That is so sweet!
Yet I didn't even know there was such a thing as Groundhogs!!!
Well done. 😀


Bwaaaaah. I want one… too sweet!!!


Woodchucks — giant rodents! — might look cute if they aren't digging beneath your house.
But they can easily cause porches and decks and even basement walls to collapse.

And then they start breeding…


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