Wallis camel statement collar cost

Look: in an ideal world we could all afford a MaxMara coat, and spend winter swathed in Italy’s finest, but back in recession world, some of us are going to have to compromise.

In my book, there’s nothing more crucial to an outfit than a great coat. It’s the quickest route to chic that I know. (Which is why my airline luggage was 50lbs overweight last time I covered the European collections.) Find one with a quirky detail, like the collar on this Wallis number and not only will you make a great entrance at smart restaurants and parties, but you can use it it at weekends to cover up your grungiest slob gear and NO ONE WILL KNOW.

This coat isn’t going to last for ever, but the wool nylon mix should give it some longevity and it’s camel – can’t go wrong with a camel coat, especially this season.

Wallis camel coat

Length 89.5cm 80% Wool,20% Nylon. £85 Wallis

AND – for just £7.50, they will deliver to the US

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Love a camel coat. It reminds me (in a good way) of my mother, who had a matching camel shift dress and coat.


Ooh that's a lovely coat. I've always wanted camel but am just not quite there yet. Royal blue currently 🙂


Couldn't agree more. At college I was called Coat Woman because I had so many. And all vintage, because back in 1992 vintage hadn't taken off to anything like the same extent and there were still jewels to be had for bargainous prices. My fave was a full length astrakan that went in at the waist – it was FABULOUS. (I know how disgusting that is, btw, but vintage fur doesn't count blah, blah, blah).


Damn, at first I mis-read that as the coat costing £7.50. Now THAT would be a serious bargain!


That's a great looking coat.

I need a new winter one this year but haven't dared star looking yet. £85 is a really reasonable price too.


That coat is [expletive] brilliant.


It's almost identical to my old school uniform coat, had to be bought from Harrods natch! (i know lucky).

Could do with some advice, I have to leave my island paradise for business in the UK next month, for the first time in 2 years. As a result I need fashion/style help as i doubt my bikini and sarong will cut the mustard. I will only be there a week, and will be unlikely to return for another 2 years so don't want to spend a fortune. I have a wonderful vintage irish velvet full length coat, black leather gloves, knee length heeled black leather boots, jeans and 2 sweaters. Thats it! Need at least 3 smart fashion forward outfits, HELP, please…..(am rasmbisi on Twitter)


Cassandra: I remember the astrakhan coat! I think! Log, waisted, large revers? I love yr vintage stuff. You have such a gd eye LLGxx


I reckon Wallis and Hobbs are right on the money this season. Great find! xx


YES on the importance of coats, particularly when covering up the "I couldn't be bothered" atrocities underneath which in my case they all too often do– which is why I like long ones. If you have decent boots sticking out the bottom, no-one will know. If you wear a beautifully-cut coat of good quality, you get all the credit for style & even, when this is handy, wealth.

The lovely thing about coats, however, is that you really can find absolute beauties in upscale second-hand shops. (I understand completely the sadness of vintage-once-findable-now-long-gone-or-catastrophically-expensive.) I have a long, red Feraud & and a gorgeous, long, belted grey Mizrahi with a lavish fur collar (I know), neither of which I could have begun to afford new. Have had the first for at least 10 years & the second for 3 – I expect it to be able to wear it for more than a decade, easily.

Neither were as inexpensive as the £85 beauty you've shown, but neither broke £200, either. Granting how long coats (should) last, however, they strike me as an excellent place to put one's clothing cash.

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