Wolford Velvet de Luxe 66 opaque tights
Sure these tights are expensive and seemingly impossible to justify when so many places sell perfectly acceptable black opaque tights.

But here’s the thing: these tights transcend ‘acceptable’. Each Christmas my mother gives me one brown pair and one black pair and, even though I wore tights pretty much every day until the end of March this year, I still have 2008’s Christmas pairs sealed in their packets. That’s because the ones from the year before, and the year before that were still going strong. No ladders, no snags, no imperfections.

They are incredible soft & stretchy, warm, and a true unfading deep velvet-y black with not a hint of skin tone showing through as happens with cheaper opaques. I do also have the M&S version and they are very good but they just aren’t in the same league.

I don’t look after my Wolfords especially well: they are bunged in a 40 degree wash with all my other dark coloured stuff, rather than hand-washed as recommended. And, unless an infant attacks them with scissors, or I accidentally fall into a mowing machine, I guess I’ll be wearing them until the waistband perishes.

Believe me, these tights are bulletproof.

UK: £18 from Wolford US: $42 from Bergdorf Goodman

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Very good to know – I'm always a bit reluctant to spend lots on tights but if they're unladderable (although I tend to catch them when I wear stiletto boots), definitely worth it! Might have to go invest.


I had a pair of the hold up versions of these that lasted TEN YEARS and they only died because the gummy stuff at the top started to disintegrate. Truly magic stuff. Only real complaint is that my legs didn't look like the girl on the packet once I put them on but that could be connected to the number of biscuits I eat on a regular basis?


Object of Desire: legs of the Wolford model


Chalam: brilliant!
Claire: I would add that I try not to wear them with knee high boots with zippers just in case I catch them. They've never holed or laddered, but I have one pair which got a bit bobbly after a few weeks just where the zipper teeth rested. But I think that's understandable. LLGxx


You've taken me back to the distant past.

I used to work in a department store on the hosiery and lingerie departments in a former life and used to wonder how the Wolford tights could be so expensive. Now I know.

I did treat myself to a pair of Christian Dior tights occasionally, which lasted well but nothing like the Wolfords.

I really want a pair now but never wear skirts or dresses these days. Sigh.


well, after this I guess I'll have to make the investment and try a pair of Walford tights…


I used to spend money on tights.. but not anymore.. I just buy them on Primark. I know it's really trashy, but I after two times, it doenst matter where they are from, snags are unavoidable.. anyway, I'd rely on your word and will try to buy one pair of these..just to give them a try!


I'd spend that much on tights if I knew they'd last. These are beautiful.


FYI to save a little bit of cash, try the Saks friends and family sale on through the 20th. Use code FRIENDS2 to get 25% off, and OCTSHIP9 to get free shipping! They only have the Velvet de Luxe in grey and blue, but they do have a bunch of other styles available online.


I think I really need these !

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