I spent a very pleasurable forty minutes in the food porn heaven that is Delicious Orchards this morning, prodding produce, concocting fantasy supper menus and throwing veg into my basket.

When I got home and unpacked my spoils it became obvious that I had bought many wonderful things but little that comprised an actual meal.

But when faced with purple asparagus, which I have never seen before, at just $2.99lb I was powerless to resist.

P1090098 - Copy

Likewise I also seem to have five different varieties of local & heirloom apples, Jersey sweetcorn, four types of brassicas, alfalfa, four types of chillies, and some local mushrooms. And a whole lot more besides.

I’m considering just steaming the corn and asparagus, melting a bucket of butter and having a dripping chin evening. (I’m home alone dogsitting for a few days.) Screw the regime minceur.

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That sounds like a giant fruit and vegetable smorgasbord warranting a brilliant dripping chin evening. Have fun!


Food porn heaven? Hahaha. They do look at bit pornish though, I have to admit.
Sod the diet, it's winter (well almost) and you will have to put on a thicker skin anyway, if you don't want to be blown away by the NY wind, I guess.

PS: Anonymous bitching? How very brave! People… (shaking her head in disbelief)

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