Look I know it’s terribly, terribly wrong to dress dogs up. I would as soon put Posetta Baddog in a tutu as I would myself.

But I do rather long for a pair of these wings for Halloween this year:

Bat wings
Bat wings: $18.95 from www.barkerandmeowsky.com

I saw a black pug wearing them in the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade last year and it looked so malevolent, so perfect for Halloween, that I wonder whether they would do the same trick on Finchley the Basset Puppy.

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That Finchley portrait is priceless! Partial confession: I may have put reindeer antlers on my bulldogs one Christmas. And I may have sewn them holiday ruffs as well. Just maybe.


How can something so wrong be so right. Do it!!!
WEM xx


perfect! I'll serch for something like this for my dog.
Thanks for visit my blog!


You made me LOL!

I don't think that Finchley could quite pull off that level of malevolence.



I think it's cute. Why not?


I think those batwings are rather classy as animal clothing goes. I can't quite see Bagpurrito putting up with a pair of them but it would be tempting (and go so nicely with his orange fur).
I have not dressed as a hooker at Halloween either and neither have my children, I'm proud to say although that CANNOT BE SAID FOR SOME OF FIVE'S LITTLE FRIENDS. Shocking. Wrong. Or their mothers?! Hello?
What's wrong with a sheet with holes cut out, old skool, sez I? More creative, even, and certainly less demeaning.


Mothership: I am so with you. I just DO NOT UNDERSTAND why some mothers dress their pre-pubescent children in skin tight Lycra hooker numbers for Hallloween. On what planet could this be considered appropriate? I guess the same one that thinks make-up, manicures, facials, thongs, crop tops, sexual slogan T-shirts, and hot pants are appropriate on the under tens…What happened to the concept of childhood? LLGxx


I think the batwings are a just a tiny gesture, a mere toe dipped into the all-consuming sea that is Halloween. I think you should go for it.

I'm afraid I pondered for just a minute too long a rather fetching Lobster outfit in Target for Bean until my better self told me that she would never forgive me.

Love, Miss W x


If you're going to do it, then go all the way with bat wings, gargoyle masks or zombie outfits. Nothing else.


I am not sure that it's that wrong to dress a dog up (but then I've never had a dog).
On the other hand, my cat washes himself a lot and would probably be very confused by any sort of clothing. He won't even wear a collar (he does have an embedded chip though).
Finchley has a lovely tongue.

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