I don’t know what I like most about X Factor finalists Stacey Solomon (19 yrs) & Lucie Jones (18 yrs): the fact that they don’t feel a need to truss themselves up in high heels and porno outfits, or that when asked asked what they wanted from the competition, they both (separately) replied, “to make everyone proud”.

Stacey, in particular, won my vote with: “Wouldn’t it be nice to just be good at something and make everyone proud of you and be in a position where you can make everyone happy round you?”

Here’s Stacey’s make or break song, which put her in the final twelve of the competition:

(Do check out Kylie’s face: it’s amazing just how much expression you can iron out with Botox.)

X Factor (another talent show from Simon Cowell) is my weekend guilty pleasure: I know that all my friends & family are watching back in England, and I love that I can watch it all on You Tube on the same day. It makes me feel a bit more connected to them all.

Am I allowed to be smug that the four people (Olly Murs, Lucie Jones, Jamie Archer & Stacey) that I liked best at the first round of auditions are part of the twelve contestants through to the live finals? All four of them apparently lack the assured bumptiousness, sense of entitlement & desire to be a celebrity of so many of the contestants so far. Equally none of them seem to know just how good they really are, so watching them develop in the live finals will make great television.

But my money is on Stacey.

Here’s Stacey’s first audition (Loving her, her outfit, her charm):

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Olly is average, Lucie is average.

Stacey – you just got to love her lol

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So Anon: you're not at all partisan then?!


I haven't watched any of the X-Factor so far, but I was really quite moved by Stacey's rendition of A Wonderful World. What a lovely girl and a great voice, I hope she does well.


I like the fact they d have desire to win and they care about people too. It shows you don't have to be arrogant and selfish to get to the top or to be given the chance, or I like to think so.
Stacey and Lucie both seem like lovely girls and girl's other girls like!


I love Stacey! So glad she got through. And like you I was transfixed by Kylie's botox.. almost as transfixed as her forehead! What are your thoughts on the evil twin pray tell? (Or do you refuse to use up any thoughts on them at all?)


I don't get it.

Stacey Solomon is so inarticulate it kills me to watch her on television. How on earth did you decipher that quote?

I feel sorry for Despina who, despite being the more talented of the two, got penalised for actually having a brain.


I can't work out what it is about her that's quite so endearing, but I adore Stacey – she seems so genuine and unassuming, warm almost. I'm also extremely happy Jamie-Afro-Archer went through, and Danyl, the teacher chap. There are quite a few contestants this year with a degree of charm that has been lacking in the past.


X Factor is one of my guiltiest pleasures.
Stacey si great, really hope they don't try and sexy her up for the live shows too much.


How about cute little Geordie Joe McElderry? Not the best voice of the bunch (but still very good), but bless him, he's adorable.


Stacey is doing it for all of the Dagenham lasses. Having lived in Dagenham as a young girl, and knowing that its an under average area, with under average people on under average wages, it will be fantastic for Stacey to win!

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