Mark Ronson Esquire Oct 2009

Could this be the best news stand cover of the year? Stylish without being camp, retro without being a cliché. Above all, interesting. I’ve never read mens’ magazines, (it’s hard enough to keep up with the womens market), but since the glamorous Mrs Trefusis sent me the Star Trek issue last spring (okay, so I’m a geek in fashion editor clothing), and my brain didn’t go into stasis (no chance here of being a pushmepullyou between good features & bloke stuff, it’s all excellent) I’ve been a convert to British Esquire.

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One very slick cool gentlemen and cover…


Has this anything to do with Mark Ronson looking rather hot on that cover?


I quite like the irony actually. 'How to be cool' in some reference to Mark Ronson – followed by coverline features on Ant & Dec.


Oh me too: the irony is what makes it so readable. LLG


I just like the old Vox tube amp. That's enough to sell me. I had one of those.

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