There was some light relief during my recent trip to London. Darling C locked the infants under the stairs and booked us in one Saturday for mani pedis at her local place in Highgate as her birthday present to me. (My birthday is in December. And that’s why I love her.)

The nail salon culture that is everywhere in New York & Los Angeles still hasn’t really taken off in London. Whilst there are more salons now than there were when I left in 2007, the price list will come as a shock to anyone used to paying $10 for their nails back in America.

I’ve been having my nails done for years, so I’ve tried plenty of London places, from Nails Inc to the anarchy that is Top Nail on Camden Parkway. C’s salon is on a particularly unprepossessing part of Archway Road, just opposite Highgate Station, but the family who run it are fun & friendly & dole out lovely cups of Chinese tea (you don’t get THAT in NYC).

Oh and they do a mean pedi. It’s a month since I was in there and this is the state of my feet:


My big toes are completely unchipped, with just a little flaking on two nails that don’t show in sandals. Impressive, huh? Please excuse the photography. Have you any idea how tricky it is to photograph your own feet? And what’s with my toes looking all wide-spaced? I suspect I was about to fall over. Figures.

The Nail Bar, 315 Archway Road, Highgate, London, N6 5AA
Tel: 020 8341 0293

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Not being one to allow others to touch my feet (too ticklish), I'll take your word for this one. Your toes are terrific!


Oh what color did you get? According to the magz GRAY is the hot shade for varnish and beyond this season. I'm curious if anyone has given the gray nails a go?

I'm lucky enough to have a best friend who works in her family's own nail salon!! She keeps me polished for the price of an ocassional Starbucks.

But when I get back to London next I won't have her by my side so this is good info to keep in mind! Thanks & glad you enjoyed some pampering!


wow a month is very good considering it's still sandals weather. I'm a souf of the river girl and haven't found anything to compare with the pedicures I had in NY. Plus I love catching up on all the American magazines while I'm being pampered.

With the cost here I have just got used to always doing pedicures myself- and I've got to say I've got pretty good. I have all the tools and everyone always assumes it's a professional job!


I've never had a pedicure… This is awful isn't it and probably something I shouldn't admit. But maybe just maybe I'll really give it some thought having seen your feet.


And the best thing: this is not far from me. Yay!


Sounds lovely! I've tried black polish already and it was very, very nice. Gray sounds like fun as well! Thanks, it is so hard to find a good spa.


Thanks for the tip. The only place which I've found is good is a Latvian/Estonian blond girl at Malika in Westfield. I wish I could remember her name. She is simply wonderful. Her pedis last forever!


What lovely slim ankles.
Did you walk back up the hill afterwards!?


I have Larry, who does a great job like that in LA. For only $20 your toes will be perfect for a month!

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