Zucchini soup with mozzarella

Y made this delicious courgette/zucchini soup for dinner a few weeks ago from a recipe he had torn out of an Italian food magazine. It’s perfect for late summer/early fall when there is still a glut of summer squashes. It’s creamy, fresh, takes about 20 minutes and feels way more sophisticated to eat than the the recipe suggests. Of course GG & Y’s lovely table settings help.

It’s incredibly simple, barely requiring even a recipe. Serves four.
You’ll need: courgettes, medium onion, garlic, stock, milk or cream, oregano, mozzarella (optional)

Prepare a pint of hot vegetable or chicken stock. Slice four or five medium courgettes. Dice a small onion & chop a clove of garlic.
Sweat the onion & garlic in a tablespoonful of olive oil in a medium saucepan over a low-medium heat till golden & translucent. Turn the heat down if they start to brown.
Add the courgettes & a tablespoon chopped oregano. Gently fry until soft, but not browned. Add the hot stock & simmer for ten minutes.

Remove the pan from the heat, dump contents into a blender or food processor.
Blend ’till smooth.
Add 1/2 cup or 4 fl oz of cream or milk. Blend again.
Add more stock or milk a splash at a time until you reach a consistency you like for the soup: some people like it thicker, others very light.
Season with black pepper & sea salt to taste.

Ladle soup into four warmed bowls. Chop up a small ball of mozzarella and divide between the bowls. Garnish with oregano.

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Am definitely going to make/attempt to make this yummy-looking soup. The blender part scares me, but other than that it looks simple enough! Thanks for the recipe!


Lovely. One of my favourite soups at this time of year. It's nice chilled, too, in midsummer.


Mmm this sounds delightful! Thank you for sharing.


You are so right. It's lovely chilled. If anyone wants to make it as a cold soup, don't forgot to check the seasoning as cold soups generally require more once it's chilled.

It is yummy! I know it seems like a bit too much oil just to fry an onion, but you need it for the courgettes as well as the onions.

It is fairly idiot proof. If in doubt about the courgette/liquid proportions always use less liquid: you can always thin the soup down.


Im an definitely going to try this soup. It sounds delicious! Thanks for the recipe


YUM this reminds me of my favorite summ soup: Cool Cucumber soup from Dean & Deluca!

Delicious idea, cheers to Y for this 🙂


Lady – is there nothing you can't do? Yummo x


This looks delish, and easy enough for even me to try! Thanks! 🙂


I'll be trying this one!

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