I’m not allowed to spend any money at the moment, as I am saving up for a rent deposit, (spent my last one on a hire car for six weeks in California). So I thought I would instigate an occasional virtual shopping list series where I pick an item I intend to buy when my finances allow.

They aren’t going to be big ticket items, just everyday purchases that will fill in gaps in my wardrobe. After all, I’m old enough now that I have previously bought investment pieces that last from season to season – the perfect cashmere sweater or LBD for example.

Or else, I’ve used my fashion editor mojo to pick out statement pieces a few seasons ahead, (for example the black cape & over the knee boots I bought in Paris a year ago), so that I get a couple of year’s use out of them before they either die from overwear – this is mainly shoes – or go into storage for the next go round several years hence.

London-based Lil’sis has MS, so battling the crowds on Oxford Street or in Westfield really isn’t her favourite activity. She’s become the queen of on-line shopping and, much to my astonishment, keeps producing wonderful pieces she’s bought from M&S online. Of course I buy all my undies from M&S when I go back to England, (for some reason well-priced bras in large sizes, 32G in my case, do not exist in America), but if I find one clothing piece a season in there I’m doing well.

So, consider me astonished to find lots I like in there for this winter, including today’s piece for my virtual shopping list.

Marks & Spencer Long Sleeve Shirt Dress £39.50. Particularly liking the 5 button cuff & full sleeves.

M&S black shirt dress

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I love this dress, I'm considering it too. M&S have some great things at the moment I agree xxx


Really? M&S? I am a regular to buy food there and undies, too. But clothes? Must have a look!


Adorable! A shame I look like a hotel cleaner in shirt dresses. One of my great personal sartorial tragedies.


Funny you should post about this as I'm on the hunt for something similar myself right now… thanks for the inspiration !


Ooooo- I like, now on my way to M & S online….byeee


Lolly darling I refuse to believe that! You are chic personified. LLGxx


oohh this is great!


Really inexpensive and versatile!


I love a bit of M&S- I just got a great pair of purple, grey and black platforms in there- and all I went in for was hangover snacks. I paid in the food department the lady was like 'you've got all the essentials here dear haven't you, pizza, wine, fizzy water, shoes, underwear'.

Still I should buy more clothes there- great quality for the price.


I agree: I love this! Great pick LLG

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