Maison Legeron rose brooch

The last remaining Parisian haute couture flower maker, Maison Legeron, sells very few items to the public. This handmade velvet & pure silk floral brooch in black is £280/€300/$392 from Couture Lab

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Hello girl!

Thanks so much for passing by!
I love London and all here!
This black rose is adorable!

Be welcome any time at kirafashion!

a kiss and a hug,



£280 a pop and they sell very few to the public…hmmmmm.


Duh! They don't sell much directly to the public because they are suppliers to the couture houses!

"Maison Legeron was founded in 1880 during a period when fashions commonly called for silk flowers. Towards the end of World War II there were hundreds of independent flower-makers in Paris but today Legeron stands as the last of its kind. Having crafted creations for haute couture clients such as Dior, Courreges and Ungaro, Legeron created flowers in feathers and silk to decorate any outfit or accessory.

Still a family-run business, Maison Legeron is managed today by the founder’s great grandson and creations continue to be handcrafted using the traditional methods. The meticulous process of creating the flower shape is extremely time-consuming as the petals are colored, shaped and assembled one by one.

The collection at CoutureLab gives a unique example of the exquisite pieces that Maison Legeron creates. In an industry that is severely in the decline as craftspeople are not replaced by new talent, it is important to promote the work of these skilled artisans."


So bloody stunning. What an amazing find.xx


I know! Can you imagine just pinned on a shoulder, or maybe on a thin ribbon belt at the waist? LLGxx


That is pretty desirable..and I love the history behind it! 🙂


That is gorgeous. Sigh.


Dear and dear. I'd say it's worth it for a rare opportunity like this.


OMG I love it.



Yes an object of desire surely. It is so amazing to see the detail and quality of craftsmanship that a company can maintain for well over hundred years. It is becoming far and few between. I will definitely want to delve into Maison Legeron further.GT

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