This afternoon La Waffle alerted me to the existence of What I Wore Today, the brainchild of illustrator Gemma Correll. It’s a Flickr group where you can post a drawing of what you’ve been wearing that day.

La Waffle posted her look, and I was inspired I tell you, inspired to draw my own super styling Sunday outfit. (Ancient T-shirt from the East Village flea market, complete with chocolate stains, tatty denim shorts, bedhead, chewed up flipflops & bottle lens spectacles.)

Fashion editor off duty

What’s refreshing about What I Wore Today is that everyone has a sense of humour: instead of endless “admire my taste” outfit photos, (which are rarely done well)* you get illustrations of hangover outfits, pottering looks, & Sunday schlumpfing numbers as well as pretty dresses & going out numbers. The one thing they all have in common is an interpretation of personal style, as opposed to a bland copy of fashion.

Which ties in very neatly with India Knight’s piece in The Sunday Times today which, amongst other things, looked at the way in which women seem to find it necessary to truss themselves up in the latest approximations of runway looks even to go to the supermarket or the park.

As she says, “I can’t help but be taken aback by the incredible sartorial lengths “ordinary” — by which I mean busy, hard-working, short of time, not rich — women go to on a daily basis. Surely this is a newish thing, wandering about waxed, primped, hoisted, hoicked, tottering, just to go to the office or do the school run before a stroll round Morrisons?”

I suppose the point we are all trying to make is that looking great shouldn’t be so forced. It’s just not necessary to try so hard. After all, even fashion editors don’t hang around at the weekends in vertiginous heels & pencil skirts…

When did fashion start to trump style?

Click here to see my friends’ sketches of their outfits.

*honourable exceptions: the always ravishing Queen Michelle & Susie bien Sur.

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I pass a school on my way into work every morning. The number of young mothers doing the school run in their pajamas – by which I mean proper, brushed cotton or flannel pajamas printed with cutesy kittens or humorously posed penguins, worn with a saggy vest top – well it frankly makes me cringe!

I get "dressed" every morning. Primped and preened… not so much!


The first post I have read this morning while looking at blogs and Im already guessing the most interesting and refreshing. The flickr site is fab and Ill be sure to visit there often!


This is a great idea. I was just telling Mr C yesterday that when I began reading style blogs some two years ago, I couldn't believe that brave people were posting pictures of themselves for all to see and evaluate. My Scottish-Canadian self is much more private. But a sketch? Now that I would do . . .

And v. happy that a basset hound figures in your look . . .


This is one of those ideas I wish I had thought of first. I will be submitting. Thanks LLG


Marvellous. I always channel Britney for the supermarket as I can't be bothered to dress up. Having said that I always go with sunglasses.


I suppose there's something anonymous about a handdrawn illustration that allows people to admit that they don't buy their weekly groceries in 5 inch heels and a £400 dress. But you're right; the question is why you would want people to think you bought your weekly groceries in 5 inch heels and a £400 dress???


A newish thing getting All Done Up to go to the grocery store? Hardly.. Think of the fifties.

Interesting sounding site, though.

I think the important thing to aim for is to wear (always) things that make you feel confident and capable for whatever task you have set. People may look odd dressed to kill in Morrisons or in cutesy saggy pyjamas, but if they feel like the coolest cat on the walk (or just like they don't need to worry) wearing those things, it'll work. The honestly glamourous high fashion people and the super-chilled stoner girls (not that they have to be mutually exclusive, but lets work with visual stereotypes) both manage to look at home in supermarkets. It's just the people who've either given up on themselves or who feel they can never live up to whatever rules they feel run their life who look weird, and who (if anyone) we should be asking the "why do they feel they need to?" questions about, I think.


I think you are missing the point completely. Times have changed. Women are no longer expected to wear hats to church, stockings in public or gloves to dance in. Dressing up now is a matter of choice; then it was a social expectation.

Using the 50s as a reference point is about as valid as someone in 1950 harking back to 1900…LLG


What a cool idea. And apparently it's still hot in the States. Or you just forgot to draw the goose bumps. Love the puppy-'accessoire'. xx MM


I've always been a reader and not much a poster, but I figured I'd chime in here because I'm intrigued by this debate.

Fashion can certainly be tyrannical if you're always trying to play by the rules. That would take the joy out of it. Susie doesn't and that's why her outfits are so much fun to look at. You won't really see them anywhere else. What I Wore Today is a cool idea and almost seems more truthful than some outfit blogs. It's fun to see what people wear when they're not dressing for anything in particular.

This post definitely made me take a look at myself and my own tendencies. So I'm really glad I got to read it.

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