There aren’t that many foods I miss over here in America. I’m certainly not one of those Englishwomen abroad who spends her days dreaming of playing supermarket sweep in the sausage section of Myers of Keswick on Greenwich Street before sipping cups of cruelly over priced Earl Grey in Tea & Sympathy, (surrounded by curious Americans) and moving onto (a portion of) fish & chips (vinegar, wrapped) at A Salt & Battery just up the block.

But Heinz Baked Beans get me every time. I’ve ranted about it before but I really do object to paying several dollars for imported cans of them over here. (American Heinz Baked Beans are a very different beast: more molasses, very sweet, very odd to an English palate.) Which is why I eat a lot of them when I go back to England. Babysitting for C the other weekend, she realised there was no supper for me.

Not a problem, I replied, lead me to the larder.

And, sure enough, as in all proper English homes, was a supply of the red gold. Even more impressive were the new microwave portions: I know they aren’t very environmentally friendly but for a one person supper, they are super convenient.

Heinz Baked Beans

I cooked them for twice as long as recommended, so they went super-sludgey, then toasted thick white sliced bread, which was then slathered with an inch of Kerrygold. Boarding school days means I also like beans on bread as opposed to toast. Why choose? I muttered.

Heinz Baked Beans on toast

Heaven. Especially considering American white sliced is DISGUSTING. Instead of the floppy fresh stuff we get in Britain, it’s hard, almost stale in both feel & taste. And as for the butter…it just doesn’t taste very buttery. I am reduced to buying Kerrygold for $4.99 a packet and eeking it out.

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I hate baked beans. This is probably my greatest shortcoming as a British citizen but I just don't udnerstand the appeal. Bleugh.


LLG I am hearing you here!!! I am always at the little british store around the corner stocking up on my Heinz Baked Beans. Baked Beans in America don't cut it for me. They are waaaay too sweet. I love heinz baked beans with a poached egg, toast and some real fruity jam. Mmm. Oh, and a cup of PG Tips tea with a splash (just a splash!) of milk 🙂


My husband is English and we live here in the States. Thankfully, our local store carries Heinz Baked Beans. Just this past week, I found they had Ribena and golden syrup and a whole host of other things he misses terribly! Extortionate prices of course, but I do love him!


I love baked beans…seems funny that you don't get them. And your lady Shannon saying golden syrup, I'd never thought how British it was.


OMG – this is so incredibly appealing. I want to jump into the photo and grab that mea.


I have lived in England for 35 years, and I haven't really looked at Heinz Baked Beans. I will now try them.
I used to eat Canadian baked beans in my youth, but these were drowned in ketchup (which I no longer eat).
I was worried for a moment that this might have been Marmite on the toast, but I guess it's just well-done. And now I have to try Kerrygold butter as well.


In the early 1980s I went to work in Germany as an au-pair. I could only find cornflakes and baked beans in a deli shop in the city, and the German mum forbade me from giving her precious son either of these delights.

The precious son is now 30 (strange as I'm only 39 myself..ahem) and what does he now prefer for his fruhstĂĽck? Cornflakes.


Heinz Baked Beans are easy to make yourself – cook haricot beans then dilute Heinz Tomato Ketchup with water for the sauce, just as Heinz do.

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