I spent a good part of yesterday morning at Towcester Police Station trying to persuade some lovely policemen that it was perfectly normal that I should have 500 rounds of live ammunition on the front seat of my convertible, and that there was no pressing need to call the bomb squad, and the afternoon sitting tear stained on a plush kneeler in the side chapel of a country church at the funeral of a friend’s adored mother.

Today was merely miniature ponies, a flat battery, lost wallet and a Good Samaritan stranger knocking on my sister’s door to tell me that the upstairs pensioner neighbour was in the Royal Free, having had a bad fall, and could I possibly hunt down her husband? Cue me sprinting up & down the street in the rain, knocking on random doors looking for the daughter, about whom I knew only that she had a white window box.

Tomorrow has a lot to live up to in the way of drama.

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Gosh. And I thought my day was busy!


So many lovely posts about London! So much to keep up with! Thanks for the New York tips – we had already made our way down to Conneticut, but I'll for sure drop by once we are back.


Lordy lord. But did you find the daughter?


Too good. You poor, poor thing. But you got some 'splainin to do, Lucy, with the live ammunition episode. Can't wait to hear all about it.


Miss W x


You have a wonderful blog about London. How lovely! Please check out my blog, too, at http://www.hollypinafore.blogspot.com

Have a fabulous day!


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