If anyone doubts how much lil’sis and Posetta Baddog love each other, then these pictures should do the trick. They’re a bit out of focus, and normally I’d bin them, but I couldn’t resist their expressions:




ps Baddog isn’t trying to escape in the last picture: what you can’t see is my father waving slices of bacon around about twelve inches from her nose. She is modelling the well known Dacshie fixed stare of evil intent here.

As usual Blogger has chopped the RHS of my pics. No idea how to change this, but clicking on the images brings them up full size on Flickr

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Awww- thats the way I look at my children…hehe.
Is Finchley your dog? He's absolutely gorgeous.


Tips for resizing: I am not a code monkey, but I can wing it sometimes.

Are you getting the URL or the HTML from Flickr? I use the Medium sized URL, which comes at 500 X 333, but you can change it once you've got it into Blogger. Just go to the Edit HTML tab and wherever you see this – "width: 500px; height: 333px" – change the numbers and preview until you've worked out what's best for your blog format.

Hope that helps – I was just thinking that you've managed to be in London for the best part of the summer there, and avoid New York for the worst part – well done, you.


I get this chopping off when I upload photos directly from another site, as you seem to be doing from flickr.

I have no idea how to widen the width of your writing column, which would be the best solution, though I'm sure you can find a google code for it somewhere. I just re-size the pic smaller, you know, drag a corner inwards on the edit page.

Still, at least we can still see Posetta's cuteness!


Love Posetta but have to admit that Finchley has stolen my heart! Give that beautiful hound many cuddles for me!!xx


That's just true love – wonderful!


Your dog is so cute!!!

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