Until this evening, the closest I had come to a roasted marshmallow was seeing Charlie Brown holding speared marshmallows over a fire in the Peanuts cartoons.

peanuts marshmallow roast

Whilst roasting marshmallows does happen in the UK, it’s definitely an American rather than an English tradition. Most American of all are s’mores, which definitely do not happen in the UK. As I discovered tonight, they are roasted marshmallows squished together with a square of Hershey’s chocolate between two Graham crackers.

We’ve had house guests overnight with two little children, so an outdoor barbecue supper inevitably meant s’mores for pudding. GG set the fire pit going, and we speared marshmallows onto twigs from the kindling bag.

Roasting marshmallows

This is shortly before I got over-confident and my marshmallow slid off my twig and into the fire.

roasting marshmallows

Second time around I managed to get my carefully browned & melted marshmallow off my twig and squished successfully onto a Graham cracker.

melted marshmallow s'more

Then followed a careful application of a double square of Hershey’s dark chocolate.

s'more with  dark Herseys

A final Graham cracker completed the sandwich.


Two minutes later my fingers, my camera, my chin and my hair were all glued together with melted marshmallow.


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it just occurred to me a fantastic twist to the s'more; as you already know, europe's answer to the peanut is the hazelnut. and as such, there are a plethora of delicious chocolates inbued with said hazelnuts. a s'more with a hazelnut chocolate would be delicious!!


French Guest wanted Ghiradhelli chocolate, petit buerre biscuits. GG felt this was a little against the essentially trashy nature of a s'more. LLGxx


S'mores are really delicious. This brings back memories of camping during my childhood.


Never tasted one… although we got them in stores.
You made me want to try some. )))

I have linked you in my blog )))
Could you please add me too. My blog is the first and only one on Astreet fashion in Kazakhstan =))


Always wondered what a s'more was, I knew it was something vaguely marshmallowy. Do we have an English equivalent I wonder. The Scots have deep fried mars bars, or is that a myth. WEMxx


We used to pop chocolate coated marshmallows for a few seconds in the microwave. Just until the chocolate had melted and the marshmallow underneath doubled in size. Yum!


They look delicious! I've never had s'mores but now I definitely have to try them!


I got so hooked on a recent US trip that I went to Partridges on the Kings Rd to buy authentic ingredients. After running out of Hersheys (which I'm not a great fan of) I tried Lindt milk chocolate. It was AMAZING!


I adore the British version of s'mores, made slightly less messy by using half-chocolate coated chocolate disgestive biscuits! I have been known to toast marshmallows inside over a gas hob.


I'm as English as they come and we grew up toasting marshmallows – I thought it was pretty common here. (I remember my brother and I used to do it over a candle sometime because we loved the caramelized bits!) It's the only way I can eat marshmallows, they're horrid otherwise.

However I've never had a s'more – I had heard of them without really thinking too much about them. They sound amazing.

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