Okay, so my last selection of manbags was considered interesting but not quite what was required by Mr Avocado. He pointed out in a typyically verbose comment that he was,

“concerned that I will sweat all over it (my walks are, minimally, five miles, and I do these walks in the heat and humidity of summer in New York), thereby ruining it and also making it smell like a locker room. Men have to think about these things when choosing a man-bag.

Perhaps the solution is to continue to use my falling-apart Victorinox backpack for walking (during which walks I would carry my man-bag in my backpack), and then to carry a man-bag at all other times (during which times I would carry my backpack in my man-bag).

Maybe I’m over-thinking this — you’ve accused me of that before, possibly accurately — but I’m not over-thinking the fact that I don’t want for my man-bag to smell like the dorm rooms of the hockey players at my high school who kept their hockey gear IN THEIR ROOMS.”


But I would argue that if he is using a man-bag slung diagonally over one shoulder then it isn’t going to be sweatily rubbing over his back.

I forgot about Tumi when I wrote the last post, and I am adding these bags to the solution pool:

The Tumi Sundance Collection Las Cruces East/West Day Bag $245

Tumi Sundance messenger bag

and a different take on the backpack: the Tumi Sundance Collection Alamogordo Backpack $445 (It also comes in black canvas for $295, but my guess is that the canvas won’t be able to stand up to the wear & tear. or the SWEAT.

Tumi Alamogordo backpack black

Although given the fact that it would seem that what Mr Avocado really needs is a remedial looking backpack for his daily commute, and a stylich non-remedial bag for weekends, evenings engagements etc, maybe I should just admit defeat on a one bag fits all mission, and suggest a German military surplus canvas backpack for day to day use.

A bargain at a recession friendly $22.95, it’s water-resistant, with a heavy duty vinyl bottom and can hold approximately 2200 cubic inches. That should cope with the SWEAT.


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Man-bag? Goodness me, whatever happened to carrying just a wallet and an umbrella?


Many thanks. This helps. And by the way, men do sweat, you know. It's not just me. It's just something we do; we can't help it. It's one of the things that makes us men, and if we weren't men, we wouldn't need man-bags, would we. I realize that's sort of a mind-bender.


My dad, brother and boyfriend all use bags from Marimekko and they are all stylish but rather sweaty gents. They come in nylon or canvas and they are pretty indestructible but look cool. It's a Finnish brand but I think they have one in New York.

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