As I’ve got older both I & my makeup routine require more attention. No longer can I just swipe on some lipstick & mascara and hope to look dewy skinned and perky of visage. Nope, I require a little more in the way of reconstructive work.

And, as we all know, courtesy of every single glossy magazine we’ve ever flicked through, convincing makeup requires correct application with the correct tools. In addition, the kind of makeup I wear nowadays is a little more sophisticated than the stuff I wore in my early twenties: gel eyeliners require specific brushes and decent pigmented eyeshadow needs to be applied with more than one type of brush.

That inch tall free sponge applicator nestling in your new eyeshadow quad is useless for more than a random stabbing in the general direction of your eyelid.

Whilst ferreting about in my new favourite store* on Saturday, I came across this brilliant set of magnetic makeup brush heads from Sonia Kashuk, which attach securely to the supplied handle.

Sonia Kashuk magnetic make up brushes

The inexpensive price point ($14.99) means these can stay in your handbag as a second set, so you don’t need to haul around your entire arsenal of makeup tools each time you leave the house. They are more hygienic too as they can be stored in the compact little case they are sold in, rather than rolling around in a grubby makeup bag.

Don’t be put off by the cheapo price point. In this instance it doesn’t mean scratchy nylon brushes. Like most of the products in the Sonia Kashuk range, these are exceptionally well made with good, soft bristles, and compare well to brushes at twice, even three times the price. After all, there is a reason why Space NK have picked up the line and are selling it in their standalone beauty boutiques in Bloomingdales.


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aha! at last, a solution to 'where did all my fab brushes go? Oh, they appear to be in the art cupboard of death with hardened glitter glue on them, shall I kill the children now or after supper'
I can a. afford these b. hide them where they won't find them c. get a second set in case they do
PS my favourite store too


Ah but will Space NK do the decent thing and sell them in the UK.
Fab find.


I'd love to splurge on some new makeup brushes, but I always seem to forget. Okay, well when I say forget, I mean go to the shops with the intention of buying them and leave with anything but makeup brushes!

Anyway, must. buy. new. brushes!

Love the blog.

S.B. x

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