Commes Play sneakersLoving these PLAY Comme des Garcons Sneakers, which will land at Dover Street Market from September 10th.

Price: *Slight intake of breath* £190 for the low top & £205 for the high-tops

(Click on image to enlarge)

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Ahhh they're cute and useful! Love those. Sadly I doubt my funds will extend to them.


They are gorgeous!


I whistled – sorry nice but far too pricey says the girl who wears comme de garcon speedo cossie – much cheaper at £50, although a tad indulgent and more than most speedo bathers!


hmm… ok, honestly, I'm a labels girl, but I'm wearing my converse right now, and I have to say, I prefer them, cheaper.. more colours.. very comfy and covered in scuffs. I 'd have to leave these in the box at that price!


These are cute! I don't know that I'll purchase, but they are fun to look at 🙂

Maybe if Shop Star works out for me and I have a little extra cash!


Those are so gorgeous! But that kind of money for plain sneakers?


These are pretty awesome but I'd almost be tempted to DIY a pair instead. Who has that kind of cash for shoes that will look like crap after a few months of wear? No offense to CDG but canvas shoes always age badly)

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