I might as well accept it: I am never going to get svelte living in this household. GG, having been woken at some godawful hour by Finchley, drove to Atlantic Highlands to the best named bakery in New Jersey,

The Flaky Tartfor this pile of cellulite enhancers. Yup, that’s how much he bought for THREE people.

croissant; pain au chocolat

Although I was threatened with eviction for putting Marmite on my croissant.

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So you should be, Marmite on toast is bad enough but to spoil wonderful Fench patisserie with the foul stuff? Sacré bleu.


At least it wasn't on the pain au chocolat…


These are gorgeous! I made croissant yesterday and somehow we managed to eat 10 of them (2 grown ups and a kid) – so that seems about right!


Oh what a fabulous name! If I owned a bakery I would only dream of brilliant names like that!

Hmm. I could call mine something like "The Crusty Oaf"…


MARMITE on a croissant! Are you allowed into France ever again ?


you seem like me, i love experimenting with food too, sometimes tuns out well sometimes it doesnt, but i cant help but try and be inventintive,
so thanks for sharing, its good to know some people think outside the box!

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