Out of both politeness and a sense of adventure, I’ve trained myself to eat most of the ingredients I disliked growing up. A lot of this has to do with my palate becoming more sophisticated as I got older: I wouldn’t touch lettuce (I used to flush it down the loo), peas or olive oil until I was in my late teens but now cannot imagine life without them.

Some foods I just didn’t know about. I gave away chips (French fries) at school dinner until I was maybe ten: because we had never had them at home, I presumed I didn’t like them. Others I just refused to try: mayonnaise, for example, until I was 18, then I couldn’t believe what I had been missing. I didn’t think I liked spinach or squashes (ruined by school dinners) or creme patissiere until my late twenties. Now I love them.

On the other hand, blue cheese, okra, parsnips, mashed swede, pears and aubergines (eggplant) which all used to be on my personal Index will get eaten if put in front of me, but I certainly would never choose to eat them.

However there are some foods I cannot eat without having a gag reflex. So, just for my personal amusement, here are the foods I will not, under any circumstance, contemplate putting in my mouth:

A glass of milk: YUK. I vividly remember the taste of the milk, in those little ice cold glass 1/3rd pint bottles, that we were forced to suck up through blue straws at Primary School. Hot milk is even worse: remember the skin that used to form on top? I’m giving myself chills just thinking about it.

My utter horror of milk doesn’t extend to yoghurt, cheese or cream (mmm) or, indeed, to milk as an ingredient (I’ll whip up a nice Béchamel any day), but it does include the following horrors:

Rice pudding & semolina: these are milky puddings with the texture of wallpaper paste. What’s to like?
Porridge: more milky goop. Never forgiven my mother for feeding me this for my fifth birthday breakfast. I still remember the feeling of disbelief that she would feed me this pap on my birthday.
Bird’s Custard: Slimy, smelly, milky. Lil’sis can suck this up by the bucketload, sprinkled with hundreds and thousands. But then she’s bats.
White chocolate: A pointless exercise. Creamy, milky, melty goop; usually cheap & nasty so it leaves an oily, vegetal film in the mouth. This stuff is many things but to call it chocolate is a sacrilege

Green (bell) peppers: Merely an unripe red pepper. Sour and nasty.
Tapioca: Again, it’s the milky, frogspawn-y texture thing.
Licorice & aniseed: In the same camp as far as I am concerned. Let’s add Raki, Pernod, Anisette & Ricard in there, and Pontefract cakes too whilst we’re at it.
Cooked bananas: I blame my mother’s banana mousse for putting me permanently off the pervasive taste of blended or cooked bananas. I shudder still at the memory.
Desiccated coconut. Eurgh. The hideous, slightly giving, sawdust texture. I bear this a grudge as I refused to eat coconut milk based curries for years, not realising that desiccated coconut was a filthy invention with no relation to coconut milk.
Salad Cream, margarine, Miracle Whip or Dream Topping/Whip: 4 aberrations that offend every sensibility. What? You’d rather eat a cocktail of artificial gunk than a judicious amount of mayonnaise, butter or cream? Bonkers.
Jackfruit: a bit rarified this but, believe me, I’ve never forgotten the rancid taste & slippery, silky fruit
Marzipan: this upsets me as I should like this. I adore almonds & almond essence, but the texture…
Chestnuts: It’s a texture thing again. That mealy thing chestnuts have got going on? Eurgh.
Honey & Dates: Whilst I eat fruit continually, I have come to the conclusion that I do not like dense naturally super sweet things. And as for that weird papery/sticky/oozy thing with dates…

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Oh, milk, milk, milk, am gagging just thinking of it. I didn't think there was another person alive who could hate it so much yet adore all its derivatives. The only upside was that I got to be Milk Monitor as the only child in the school guaranteed not to steal a sneaky sip on the job. I can't really argue with anything else on that list either (the horror of aniseed I had blanked out), but I do raise you Parsley. As a foodie that's quite a difficult one as practically every savoury recipe calls for a liberal sprinkling of the devil herb. I won't have it. Why ever, EVER, use parsley when coriander is quite obviously superior in every way?


what tortures our mothers inflicted on us! Now, I find myself coaxing my daughter to eat her yummy oats 🙂

My list includes most of the stuff you hate too:

Boiled milk (I don't mind cold slim milk), mayonnaise, oats, pancakes, white chocolate, dark chocolate ughh…

And then there are some foods that I am glad to hate as it helps in some small measure to control my rapidly-increasing waistline. These are burgers (I think that is one of America's worst inventions), hot-dogs, bagels, cloyingly sweet Indian sweets…


I agree with milk, it's just vile, cold or hot, yuk. It's a nasty mucus creating substance.

Also hate hate hate licorice and margarine.

But I love marzipan.

On my food hate list I'd put cashew nuts, peanuts and Kent mangoes.


This is a very good list. I particularly agree with the skin that forms on top of hot milk. My grandmother would always make me eat that. She was Hispanic and in Spanish that skin is called, "nata." Nata still haunts my dreams.


for me it's tinned tuna and those fish sticks that are luminous pink.

I try them both about once every 2 years, always with bad reults. Last time I had a fish stick I was wretching in a supermarket car park in Cornwall.

Tuna mayo with sweetcorn is the worst of the worst- why would I want grey sludgey food with yellow spots in it. I just don't get it!


Interesting! We dislike a few of the same things:

Aniseed: Blegh. I won't go anywhere near it. Thats in my top five worst of all time.

Marzipan: I hate it as much as I hate aniseed. If buying a cookie – I will often check if it has any marzipan flavouring in it.

White chocolate: Yes! Exactly! The film it leaves in your mouth!!! I hate that – you explained it perfectly! I always think of white chocolate as a waste of chocolate space. Why waste on white chocolate when you can eat the real thing? I dislike the texture and taste of white chocolate.

Salad Cream/Margarine: Just gross.

Chestnuts: I also dislike. I like most nuts in general but there's something about chestnuts I dislike.

There. I enjoyed your post, and am very glad you started blogging again. I like that you write about an array of topics.


Thank you so much for your comment on my blog.

I am so glad I discovered your blog, I really like it. Is it OK if I link to your blog?:)



>>Marzipan: this upsets me as I should like this. I adore almonds & almond essence…

Oh I'm the same – so nice to find someone else who loves almonds but hates marzipan. Most people seem to think I'm weird.

(I'm also totally with you on swede, parsnip -except they'd be on my no way list- and green pepper)


Thank you Tea Lady! And Linda Mari, thanks for dropping by and yes, of course! I'll link you too LLGxx


I'm with you on the green peppers, tapioca (vile!), and fake creams and butters (so pointless), but my list would also include hot dogs. I've never eaten one but just the thought makes me gag.

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