In preparation for some changes here at LLG, I’m starting to go through all my linkage blogrolls to check for reciprocity. (These were the links I added in response to linkage requests or in return for being linked on other blogs.)

If a blog to which I currently link is defunct or has no reciprocal link to LLG then the blogroll link on here will be removed this weekend. If you think I’ve made a mistake in removing you or, equally if you would like to exchange links, then please leave me a comment or email me at LLGxx

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I have been reading your blog for a while now, and enjoy it very much.

I would love to exchange links with you. My blog is


I would like to exchange links please! I have yours in my blog roll already, mine is "The View From Here"


Yours was one of the first URls I listed on my blog-roll as soon as I created my blog because I really enjoy reading what you have to say. If you wish to link back to said blog ( please feel free to do so but there's no pressure or anything… It's entirely up to you!

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