As I pedalled down Fifth this morning I wasn’t just keeping a look out for kamikaze taxis and suicidal pedestrians: I was searching for a large white truck which I knew was parked up somewhere near Madison Square Park.

A couple of weeks ago I’d seen a piece on the Diner’s Journal blog on The New York Times website about Cupcake Stop, a new food truck prowling the mean streets of Manhattan, selling frosted cupcakes from its window.

I immediately started following its Twitter feed and started to get tweets telling me where it was parked (usually mere blocks from my apartment) and which flavours they were pushing. I was sitting at home filing copy, dreaming of frosting.

So today, when I had promised to return to Jersey with Red Velvet cupcakes for Y,

nothing was simpler than to click on Twitter, pin down the location and cycle up to the truck. $10 bought me a dozen mini cupcakes in the flavours of the day:Red Velvet (as requested), Key Lime Pie, Oreo Crumb & Chocolate Mousse

An added bonus was meeting Lev Ekster, the man behind the cupcakes who was lurking in the back of the truck and came to say hi when I mentioned finding the truck through Twitter. He immediately won me over with two free mini cupcake vouchers. Who says journalists can’t be bought?

And the taste? Y cldn’t get the box open quick enough. And I am presuming the frankly indecent sounds he made as he inhaled the Chocolate Mousse mini were appreciative. The crumb is incredibly moist, the icing smooth and not too sickeningly sweet. I like the little well of icing inside each cake and, in the case of the Key Lime, the green gooey stuff.

Win or Fail? We say WIN. Yet another reason not to eat those awful dry Magnolia cupcakes ever again.

Oreo Crumb Cupcake Stop cupcakes

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Have never eaten a Magnolia cc from the shop but have made cupcakes from their recipe book and cannot abide the sickeningly sweet icing. And I adore icing.

Cupcake truck sounds terrific.


I live in Toronto, but keep cupcakestop on my twitter… because you never know when you'll be in ny 😉


Loved this post. I was also very disappointed by Magnolia's offerings – even more so by the fact I had to queue such a long time.

Your writing about NYC is so evocative. It's a joy to read.


Are you in disguise when you go out stalking, or do you just not care??

I must admit, I have had many a happy cupcake time.
Last Christmas eve was hard to beat; I was home alone, with a fresh delivery of cupcakes (for guests on Christmas day), a pot of peppermint tea, and White Christmas on dvd, PERFECT!!

Not too good for the waistline, but hey, that's what spanx are for!!


Oh boy, they look amazing! Will definately track it down when next in New York. Thanks for sharing.



Stalking?! I don't think I stalk!

I was wearing sunglasses yesterday but not through design: I'm not exactly a public figure so there's very little chance that Cupcake Stop would be able to work out who I am from a chance three minute meeting.

And my identity is what I would call an open secret anyway. LLGxx


Looks soo YUMM!


It cannot abide the sickeningly sweet icing.


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