Chastened Hephzibah Anderson

Released this week in the United Kingdom, I think Chastened: No More Sex in the City
by literary critic & journalist Hephzibah Anderson would be a great addition to any bedside pile of reading material. (And that’s not just because she’s a friend.)

The book is a memoir, covering the year that she decided to give up on sex voluntarily and explore what it really means to be chaste in a sex fulled world. Her twelve months of dates, temptation, frustration – and excuses is chronicled in her intelligent, witty voice, and her writing never fails to engage.

She wrote about some of the experiences of writing Chastened in The Guardian here. You can buy Chastened: No More Sex in the City
at a greatly reduced launch price by clicking on the book title in this post. It comes out in America next Spring, published by Viking.

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