I love driving. It’s up there on my list of favourite occupations. Whilst I was in California if I heard about a road with a mountain pass I was so there, even if it meant a massive detour. I like the feeling of being in control, I love the speed & the escapism, and I ended up covering over 4000 miles in the seven weeks I spent in California.(And no speeding tickets. Helps being English when you get stopped.)

Given my family’s tastes, it’s hardly surprising: my father is a complete petrolhead, who races classic cars, my sister bought herself a sports car when she was a banker & my mother drives something very fast and German.

My dream car has always been a 280SL, more for its gorgeous styling than its engineering and, although I don’t want to drive anything that can’t overtake a tractor, (although I would make an example for a Cinquecento or a 2CV), the way a car looks is important to me. Certainly as important as the marque.

Which brings me neatly to the just announced new addition to the Aston Martin stable.

The Cygnet.

Yup, joining the ranks of the ravishingly beautiful Vanquish and the Vantage is the Cygnet. Maybe they’ve called this staggeringly ugly car a Cygnet in the hope that it might grow up to be something more beautiful one day.

As the piece in today’s Times points out, car companies can no longer afford to rest on their drooping laurels. They must innovate or wither away. But is this £20,000 ($35,000) entry level car that looks like a first cousin to the Ford Ka the way to go for a company known for luxury & speed?

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This is not an innovation but a desecration of a brand. My heart is sad.

P.S. Only just found your blog – Oh, how I have been missing out.


Oh no. I love Aston Martin, but this is a disgrace!


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am a fellow car lover- more the vintages for their beauty but I do like a bit of grr too. I read this article too with some horror. I think they are totally diluting their brand- it's like Dom Perignon bringing out a cider or something.

I'm sure it'll be very good if you want a small car but how many would they have to sell to make up for the decades of performance and style they will be messing up.

It's a bit like the Mercedes A class. I'm just not interested and I would prefer it didn't exist.


I think this is a way forward for Aston Martin, and is in answer to demand for smaller, more fuel efficient cars. I must say that I've been a little surprised by the media's snobbish reaction to this model, as though it'll mean riff-raff will now be able to buy an Aston Martin, where it should be only available to the select wealthy few. Car snobbishness at its worst.


I don't mean this to sounds snobby and I'm a fan of eco cars, love vintage minis, maxis, 2cvs and the like- but Aston Martins are works of art- ones that I can't afford but I wouldn't want a Cygnet just because I'll never have a DB6. I don't want it for what it's worth, i just WANT it.


I'm with you Rose: I just think it looks horrid. Feels like a wasted opportunity to me. LLGxx


it looks like a cheap plastic toy… I just don't get why such an important and luxurious brand would invest in a car like that, one thing is to innovative another is to completely ignore its traditions.
oh and I love 280SL!!



I understand the reason for bringing out a small, cheap car. Makes sense during recession times when everyone is tightening their belts.

Why does it have to be so ugly though? There are so many decent looking small cars. Some in fact are rather cute…Beetle is one that readily comes to mind.

Btw, I loved your "Remember the Time" blog post so much that I tweeted it to all my fellow MJ fans…

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