It’s somewhat of a culture shock to go from this old tenement building in Chelsea:

NYC apt Seventh Avenuce Chelsea

To this:

Clapboard house American flag

It even has a mailbox for goodness’ sake. (This is a novelty for an Englishwoman.)

American painted Mailbox

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wow!! nice trade up! now you have to get a union jack for the flag pole.


Too right. Although given Manhattan property prices, I suspect that the very small three bed, fifth floor walk up I have just vacated on Seventh & 15th is prob worth the same if not more than the Jersey house. LLGxx


aha mailbox! Indeed, do Americans understand want a letter plate in a door is?! Lovely house also x



Very nice! The city always has my heart though 😉 But gorgeous home!


You have a Stepford house!!!!!!!!

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