I am currently on a reducing regimen. Over the two weeks I spent at my mother’s house in the country I was face down in the trough for at least 50% of the time, and put on 6lbs/3kg. In two bloody weeks!

The sheer, unadulterated bliss of having all the ingredients on hand to cook whatever I felt like, in my mother’s wonderful, fully equipped kitchen with her as an enthusiastic participant to boot all added up to avoirdupois overload.

So, it’s with this in mind, that I share one of my all-time favourite recipes, which I cooked, er, three times whilst I was there. Dreamed up by myself one day in London when all I had in the fridge were mushrooms and a ball of mozzarella di bufala (random, I know), it’s deliciously addictive and takes maybe ten minutes from prep to mouth. Sure, you can practically feel the fat cells multiplying on your thighs, but, sod it, we all need comfort food now & again.

It can be eaten with any starch. Basmati is good, mashed potato is other-worldly but turns it into a bit of a performance so I don’t bother unless I have leftovers (or shhh M&S cook-chill), and I’m mainly using quinoa right now as it cooks so quickly. If using rice, put it on to cook before you start the main dish.

To start the journey to food heaven/hell (you decide), you need a couple of handfuls of as fresh as possible white mushrooms. (Look for mushrooms with gills as pink as possible, rather than dark brown: you want that lovely just yielding texture they get when cooked, as opposed to the sloppiness of week old ones.)

Then a ball of fresh mozzarella. It doesn’t have to be buffalo:

buffalo mozzarella, mozzarella di bufalaBut it does taste magnificent. But, please, whatever you do, do not use a brick of mozzarella or grated mozzarella as it doesn’t melt in the right way for this dish. Or, heaven forfend, ‘domestic’ or Danish mozzarella. That stuff is just plain wrong.

Add a tablespoon of butter to the frying pan. Once melted, add some chopped garlic, and tip your mushrooms and a generous scattering of Maldon Salt (or kosher salt). Turn the heat down a little to let them cook.

The point here is to get them to release all those lovely mushroom-y juices, so you need to avoid reducing the liquid comes off them. You can always cheat and pop a lid over the frying pan for a few minutes (but not for too long, as steamed mushrooms always taste a bit weird).

Then tear (do not chop) your ball of mozzarella into the frying pan. This was a very large ball (am pig), you could easily use half this amount for the mushrooms shown. Turn the heat to very, very low.

And put the lid on your frying pan for about 3-4 minutes, until the pan looks like this. DO NOT STIR. This breaks up the mozzarella and you end up with a pan of string. Whilst the cheese is melting, pour boiling water over some quinoa in a saucepan and place a lid over it so it cooks quickly.

Drain the quinoa and add to pretty soup bowl, check seasoning of mushrooms & cheese, add black pepper (you want freshly ground here for the texture and the same goes with the sea salt), spoon delectable mixture & cooking liquor over quinoa. Shovel into mouth.
How many does this feed? Well, one of the reasons I got so porky was that I ate all the above on my own. But less greedy piglets could probably make the amount of mushrooms shown above stretch between two if you made a simple lettuce salad to go with it.

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That looks so tasty….it's making me hungry and I only ate loads 2 hours ago..So much good food in this world!


I'm thinking the porky option is tops!


i'll bet couscous would be absolutely dee-lish….


Yummy! I just finished a ball of mozarella di buffalo, but old school style with tomatoes. There is a farmer's market every Sunday behind Upper Street in Islington, they sell big brown bags with mixed tomatoes for a fiver. It's a much simpler dish then your piggy version – I guess I am going to try it on a colder day.
Thanks for the heart and the hips 😉


That looks amazing. And I have bocconcini, mushrooms & risotto in my kitchen…. hmmm, I'm on a diet.


I can't cook but reading your instructions makes me feel I could…if only all recipes had step-by-step-for-
idiots instructions!


Pure Food Porn!
Every weekend my friends and I give a new recipe a try and this is definetely #1 on the list for next Saturday! Gosh it is simply mouth-watering…it might be super fattening but at least they are all healthy ingredients!


It's salty, buttery, creamy, rich, full of umami from the cheese & mushrooms, loads of rolling mouth feel & good texture contrasts. I think it would work nicely with a big handful of choped flat leaf parsley sprinkled over on serving. LLGxx


Yum. I love it when random meals concocoted out of what's around in the fridge turn out to be long living crowd pleasers.


Oh god I love cheese!! It's the one thing that I know if I give it up those extra pounds will just slide off – but I never will. I'm a complete addict. I bought the most gorgeous fresh fetta from a lovely Greek man at Borough Markets on Saturday – it's heaven.
Miss Media x

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