One of the thing I constantly bemoan about the fashion industry, as you all know, is the lack of clothing for women with lives in the real world. It’s all very well me & a hundred other fashion editors writing about how marvellous Marni is for the quirky working woman, but it’s not exactly realistic to spend £700 on a skirt.

But then neither do I want to wear Primark or Forever 21. What I want is to spend a reasonable amount on my clothes. Then I know they are ethical as possible, made from good fabrics, won’t fall apart after one season and have some twist, so I don’t look like everyone else.

And that’s why Isabella Oliver 365 works so well. These are the pieces that may cost just a little more, but will be the mainstay of anyone’s wardrobe. And I want the lot.

I’ve always liked Isabella Oliver‘s maternity clothing. Stylish, chic, definitive & worn by my best-dressed girlfriends. And, as it happens, they are based in London, just around the corner from my London flat. I discovered this when the lovely Baukjen de Swaan Arons, one of the joint founders, emailed me through the blog & we became friends.

I was beyond thrilled when she got in touch once I had stopped blogging last year to tell me she & her partner Vanessa Knox-Brien were in New York to show their new collection Isabella Oliver 365 and would I like to see it?

Would I heck?! I scrambled a town car after a long day at the coal face of fashion, slightly unsure as to what to expect from an Isabella Oliver non-maternity range. I needn’t have worried: I loved it all.

I’m especially liking the Shirt Coat from the new Fall 09 collection in both pink & in black.($389, but there’s 15% off all Fall pre-orders right now, so it’s $330.)

Isabella Oliver shirt coat

Isabella Oliver shirt coat pink

I’m suspecting that this cape will be a best seller too come Fall($389, now $330 on pre-order):

Isabella Oliver cape. jpg

For now tho, I’m loving these crepe de chine shorts which are just perfect for a hot & humid Manhattan summer ($145):

Isabella Oliver white shorts

But the piece I really, really like is the Multiway Maxi Dress that caught my eye at their SS09 press show. Everything about it appeals: the fabric which is light enough to drape beautifully, but heavy enough to skim the body, the versatility of a piece that can be worn so many different ways, and which can easily take you from a lazy brunch to a black tie dinner and the very attractive price point ($325).

NB Someone asked in the comments about workwear of the pants/skirts variety and so I wanted to make clear: I have picked the pieces here from 365 (not maternity!) that I am thinking of buying (I never wear trousers & rarely skirts. Of course they make trousers, skirts etc. Go check it out at Isabella Oliver 365

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Yes! Love the 365 range, the cape is on the top of my wish list. Great minds think alike LLG – it's all about the classic yet contemporary.


You have such exquisite taste! Am adding the cape and dress to my autumn shopping list. Utterly gorgeous.


I loved their maternity items I bought perfectly fab and best items I bought. In fact a few key pieces saved me a fortune because they were so easy to work. I'd noted the non maternity range appearing but hadn't investigated. So far the pieces you've shown look gorgeous.


The cape is amazing! (Shame I'm a dwarf…)


looks great, but where's the work- clothing items you write about? trousers or skirts? not just coats and skimpy shorts? I'll search the collection.


How come I'd never heard of Isabella Oliver before? Thanks for putting things right here, LLG – I've been to their website and, yes, their range's stylish and fairly reasonably priced. Just wish I could see and inspect the garments for myself, though. I could not find a list of their shops on the website. Where's the shop you're refering to?

So sorry to hear about Violet – her loss must be so hard on your mother. Losing a beloved pet is just about the last thing you need whilst grappling with the emotional turmoil associated with a separation. And it must be hard for you to be so far away from your family under the circumstances.

Hang in there, LLG.


am ordering that camel coloured cape, it's absolutely gorgeous. thank you so much for telling me about her- my younger sister is expecting- it's so difficult to find smart maternity clothes. this is just the ticket for my sis. thanks so much xoxo


I've just bought the coat! Thanks LLG!


ooohhh. Very excited. This is exactly what I've been looking for. I want everything! And I'm pre-ordering the cape & the coat for Fall. And thinking about that dress & shorts for NOW!


Lovely lovely lovely! Work wear with a twist for defo. Wishing I didnt cut up my credit card now as that hot pink coat would look perfect on me!

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