Elephant Seal Beach. My guidebook didn’t make much of it, and I only stopped at the Vista Point/Elephant Seal sign because I can’t concentrate on driving if I have a sandwich screaming ‘EAT ME’ from the passenger seat. My usual experience with spotting seals, whales, dolphins etc is not spotting them. Everyone else around me gets their cute sea creature porn fix and I am left staring blankly at the water, mistaking seaweed for flippers.

I parked up, grabbed my binoculars and actually managed to spot some frolicking seal action out on the rocks. Amazed, I watched for a few minutes, and then prepared to hop back in the car and off up the road. Before I could drive off, a docent knocked on my car window and asked if I had visited the far ends of the beach. Apparently I wouldn’t regret it. So, not wanting to offend the septuagenarian guide, I hauled my lazy ass out the nice warm car in to the stiff breeze (howling gale) and realised that this (which I had squinted at, and written off as rocks),

was actually this:

Prepare yourself for outrageous anthropomorphism:

It gets better:

Check out the two in the background:

I know exactly how they feel.

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waaaah the seals! my head is exploding. Ah, SO glad trip is going ok. You needed some sunshine and gratuitous cute creature action.



I hereby dedicate this post to you and to @taraspring LLGxx


Having a small weep. Simply gorgeous.


Oh, tons of gratuitous seal action in California. In SF itself, regular seals are all over the marina at Pier 39. But the Main Event (which should be in action with the newly weaned pups about now) is the elephant seals at Ano Nuevo, just south of Half Moon Bay. It’s about an hour’s drive south of San Francisco on Highway 1. Worth the trip if you have the time. In April, generally, the adults have buggered off and the beach is full of seal pups only. Too cute.


We all missed you this weekend, but hope your having a great time in CA! I simply cannot wait to read what you write about LA…it’s going to be hilarious…


Oooooooh! That is so great! Amazing pics 😀 bet you wouldn’t have missed That for the world… Sigh. Beautiful. Yay for elderly guides!




I’m a new reader of your blog – and what do I come across??? Amazing photos of heaps of seals! I’ve seen them in the flesh too, and it really is hard not to personify them because they’re just too cool. Sounds like you’re really enjoying your visit to that part of California!


Love the elephant seals, seem amazingly sweet and docile but apparently a few years ago a foolish man went down on to the beach against the advice of the docents and got viciously bitten by a bull. He went to a hospital and was there for 4 weeks fighting all kinds of bizarre bacterial infections. Newfound respect for blubbery mammals.


The Sunday Times listed you as one of the best blogs going and I have to say I agree!
I’ve spent the morning reading your entries and I love the way you write.
If you have a spare moment during your travels would you take a look at my blog. I’m always interested in what good writers have to say about my particular journey. Meanwhile I shall keep following you so please don’t stop writing.
All the best,


Beyond awesome.

I was a tad worried about you after reading about your car woes, but pics of adorable seals makes it so much better.

Sounds like you’re having a lovely time. xx

p.s. Wee Birdy here, in the guise of Birdy Moola.

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