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I’m back on the Lenten Fast with a vengeance. No more sneaky French fries dipped in mayonnaise for me. My biggest food indulgence has always been allowing myself to order anything I want on the menu when I eat out. With the consequent results on my tummy & thighs. I met lovely Lola yesterday for lunch(so pregnant that I’m surprised her waters didn’t break in Café Luxemburg), and instigated the new regime: instead of the omelette frites with cheese & mushrooms that I really wanted, I ordered a small bowl of butternut squash soup and drank water.

I did eat three small pieces of bread & butter with it but that’s got to be better than a big fat American sandwich or the plate of French fries I would normally have ordered.

And above is today’s lunch: a bowl of organic no-fat yogurt (since I read Michael Pollan I’m steering clear of BGH and other nasties when I can), blueberries and my own mix of organic linseed, porridge oats, sunflower & pumpkin seeds. (According to this piece in the NY Times, pumpkin seeds are one of the top ten superfoods we should be adding to our diets.)

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Mmmmm I love butter nut squash! I am trying to have a health kick… theres a vending machine outside my flat and even though I want some maltesers LOADS I’m not going to get them!

Really, this is not down to will power… it’s just because I have no change. 🙂 x


Good for you man. I am a horrible eater. I’ve been trying to eat healthier, however those greasy fries and burgers do get the best of me! I hope you’ll let us know how it goes!
Thanks for the comment!
May we link up?

Suzanne IMOS.


I’m impressed with the willpower.


hey, thanks for your comment!! honoured…

good on you for getting on this, you must be so committed… I love the old health kick, will always make you feel better!!

Brooke xx


i dont think i could give up french fries dipped in mayo for ANYTHING!
and thank you for your lovely comment on my blog 🙂


Wow loks super healthy. I’m so bad when it comes to eating fruit and stuff and I’ve never liked blueberries either…but they are so good for you!


I am so addicted to pumpkin seeds, I keep a huge tub in the garage (random) and am constantly picking from it.


O well done! And blueberries are my ultimate favourite thing to sprinkle on absolutely anything. I’m inspired to put down my neenish tart 😉


That looks really healthy!

I saw an article recently with people who ate whatever and howmuch they wanted for breakfast and lunch but only had the tiniest dinner – and they all looked great.

So I’ve started doing the same over the last few days – I still snack (naughty me) till mid-afternoon but only have a small salad at dinner. And I’ve lost a couple of pounds already – I feel lighter and am definitely slimmer in the mornings…. maybe something to try!?


I wouldn’t have been able to resist the lure of the french fries, so I fully commend your will power, haha!
Your lunch looks tasty though!

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