There are an awful lot of helicopters buzzing around, so I presume they must be Secret Service and news crews getting ready to cover the hoo ha of the Pope’s visit. I can’t say it’s making much of a material or spiritual difference to my life right now, apart from ensuring I stay below 14th Street as I reckon it’ll be chocka in the skyscraper-y part of town tomorrow.

I hate to rub it in, as I know London is grey, but it’s progressively getting warmer here: 21C today, with a scorching 25 planned for tomorrow. Altho, given the utterly schizophrenic nature of NYC weather, no doubt it’ll be freezing and pouring with rain by Sunday when I’ll want to be by the pool on the roof deck at Soho House.

I’m off for my first spray tan of the season this afternoon. I bought a mega package at EZ-Tanning on Fifth last summer, so they worked out at $10 a throw, a steal compared to £20 a pop in London, & I still have some left. Several girlfriends have been trying to convince me that my English Rose-ish complexion and skin look lovely as they are, but I just can’t be doing with looking like a bottle of blue-tinged skimmed milk.

Of course, I haven’t actually exposed my skin to the sun since, well never, as I had eczema as a child and was incredibly fair so beaches were anathema & I burnt to a crisp within about 30 seconds. I’ve always worn high factor SPF, hats and covered my shoulders and décolleté when outside and it’s paid off as I don’t have any wrinkles or crow’s feet yet.

To be honest tho, it wasn’t so much from vanity as from a combined fear of skin cancer (I’m in the highest risk group – Northern European blonde with moles & freckles), and the fact that I get sunstroke & keel over pretty rapidly without a hat. Also I am sure that I can hear my cellulite sizzling in the sun like bacon on a griddle.

Still, there is an element of idiocy in my decision to spray tan: dunking myself in all those chemicals when I eat organic and will choose paraben free moisturizers. I guess that’s the essentially dichotomous nature of the 21stC female.

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Just to be difficult – it is glorious here today – a tad windy and cold out of the sun but it is shiny and there are fluffy clouds in the sky.

*admittedly it is due to piss it down again tomorrow.


I’m pale also and scared as hell of skin cancer. I haven’t cared enough to use spray tan yet. I think it might just look silly. Does it come off on your clothes?


I haven’t tried the spray tan yet, but I love to have a little color in the summer so may have to give it a whirl. My dad died of skin cancer and I’m similarly fair and freckled, so actual sunning probably isn’t a good idea for me.


“I am sure that I can hear my cellulite sizzling in the sun like bacon on a griddle.” This line made me laugh so much! Pale is the new tan.


Haha I nkow what you mean, no matter what anybody tells me I can’t be without my bottled hint of a tint! I wish it would hurry up and get warmer here in the UK! Wearing a leather jacket and hat and scarf combo is getting so old!


That’s good that you take such care…I’ve never been into sun worshipping myself…. prefer to be fair…. but that tan jobbie is so cheap! Wonder why so many gals in the UK insist on being orange when it is so expensive…


Oh don’t do it. My son calls me the vampire (that zinc stuff does make one rather pasty) and I wear long clothes, gloves and hats all year round. I’m a pale redhead and despite years, rather decades, of sun avoidance, I’ve now come down with a small cancerous bit in a place where the sun never reaches.

Pale is beautiful. You have no wrinkles! I’m 45 and honestly, people take me for 35 because of my face. Hopefully they’re not all lying.


I’m with you on the spray tans, I love them!! I hate sunbathing, and as I am a bit olive-y skinned look grey and dull but with a quick sweep of the airgun feel I look 10 ten times better. Can’t believe what a good price you have for them.


no wrinkles or lines yet? how old are you LLG? 🙂
I try to do the same thing – hardly out in the sun. Big hats and lots of sunscreen. I’m 28 and no lines yet…
I know that sounds young probably. But I have some friends my age with thick lines already.


Stay away from the sun, fair skin is so much nicer and its unique – everyone is brown, bronzed and sometimes orange (Yuck!)- us fair girls are a minority x

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