It’s looking increasingly likely that I am about to be spending waaayyy too much time commuting across the Atlantic. Which is why I bought myself this glorious necklace in gold by Erica Weiner at the Brooklyn Flea on Sunday. It seems kind of appropriate for a new stage in my life. It comes in brass $35, silver or gold plated ($75).

My grandfather was an aircraft designer at De Havilland’s both during and after the War, where he was awarded an OBE for his work as part of the small crack team that designed the Mosquito, which played a vital role in winning the War, and the Comet, the first jet airliner. I don’t really remember him much as he died when I was a child, but my mother has the gold Comet suspended on a chain that the wives of the designers were given in commemoration. I rather like the idea that I can wear a ‘plane too in honour of my grandfather.

For a fashion editor, I’m not very good at spending money on my wardrobe. As I complained before, I don’t have a fashionable figure so designer clothes don’t really fit me. I don’t buy it bags (God forbid) or expensive shoes, preferring to rely on vintage (as you know), sample sales and judicious High Street picks. In an ideal world, I like things that last: beautiful, well-made proper luxury rather than mass-tige products. Most of all, I jhave worked from home for seven years, so haven’t needed a huge wardrobe.

Of course now that full time employment is looming, I’m starting to shop more. And it’s fun to be able to justify buying things that I normally consider indulgences on a freelancer’s unpredictable income: like pretty necklaces on a whim!

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Congratulations on the Grazia mention!
By the way, what will happen to this blog when you start full time employment?


Oh Erica is the best! My sister picked me up her ‘Bee’ necklace a couple of years ago from the ‘artists and fleas’ market in Williamsburg and I love it so much, totally affordable cuteness too.


Oh I love the bee! And I discovered that the grasshopper that F, one of my best friends here, wears everyday is by her too. LLG xx

Ps July Stars: no idea…


Love the necklace, I’d find it tremendously hard to stop fiddling with the charm if I ever wore something like that 🙂


Ooooh, I may have to buy that necklace myself. I’m obsessed with all things aviation, and used to fly planes in my life b.c. (before children).


That necklace is lovely!And it’s always nice to be able to give somthing material another meaning than just being pretty…

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