My mother, although a little highly strung, is astonishingly generous and very kind. I had some good news yesterday, and this morning these ravishing flowers arrived from her & my father.

My favourite flowers are pink roses, and there were a dozen stems, mixed with scented white stocks and green guelder roses in a glass vase, wrapped in tissue from Arte de Fiori in Manhattan.

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Beautiful! I love getting flowers (I like yellow roses myself)
Congratulations on whatever the news may be 🙂


Gorgeous bouquet … I guess we should be congratulating you for something??? Maybe??? I hope you won’t abandon this blog completely when your “new” career goes stellar!


Hmmmmm…wondering what the good news is (fingers crossed, my dear)!


Those ARE beautiful!


Gorgeous flowers! And congratulations on your big news!


Lovely lovely flowers. Sounds like you have some exceptionally thoughtful and attentive parents there. Flowers are nice at any time, but so much more when you know the giver isn’t just buttering you up.

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