God I’m getting porky. Too many pizzas, fries, burritos and Creme Eggs have been shovelled in my gob of late. Whilst I am the first to decry the fashion industry’s obsession with weight, there is a difference between being skeletal and being heathily in shape.

I am neither, & am tipping dangerously towards the wrong end of my BMI scale. Plus, as any fule kno, apple-shaped women need to be extremely careful not to store too much fat around their abdomens. (It massively inreases the risk of heart disease & other nasties.) With my skinny legs, I am looking more and more like a barrel perched on two golf clubs as each day passes.

I’m determined to turn over a new leaf as of yesterday.

I started by combining health & nutrition on a super fast bike ride to the lower reaches of Chinatown in search of suen sum, pak choi and properly fresh garlic. I intend to live on pounds of steamed greens, shitake mushrooms and braised tofu. Delicious and healthy.

The Chinatown expedition also worked quite well at killing my appetite when I walked past an elderly Chinese lady on the Mott Street sidewalk who was casually picking over a deep plastic tub of fat, very very perkily alive & slimy looking frogs.

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Doubt you are getting porky but actually…frogs are quite lovely to eat…. like silky chicken…


It’s just the way that they were looking at me.. all beady and rather intelligent! LLG xx

ps porkiness true – can’t fit into my jeans. Sigh.


Frogs in a plastic tub – sounds like Belville Rendezvous!


Chinatown can do that to you (fermented shrimp for me), but where would we be without roast duck and…

Roast pork?

Oh, I’d just go and buy another pair of jeans in a size one does not want and them use them to humiliate myself later, after I’d lost the excess.

Creme eggs are fortunately a seasonal thing and are only properly enjoyed around Easter, so you’ve only got a few days to go.

(I have three chocolate rabbits in my chill drawer.)


Speaking as a fellow apple shape, I feel your pain. Mostly I just get round it by wearing short dresses and opaque tights. At least we’ll always have fabulous legs.


I just lost 4lbs in two days by virtue of bringing a nice little present from India with me but I wouldn’t recommend it as a dieting technique!


Join the club, Sweetie! I have added an extra layer of fat this winter that I’m now actively trying to shed. Carbs are my downfall…


Wow – fat and frogs sounds like enough to keep anyone on a diet. Good luck!


I could have sworn that on my first read-through susie_bubble had written “like silky children…”. I was strangely drawn to her.


Silky children!?!!!???
I hate seasonal weight gain- (and creme eggs really are seasonal, right)- but it should come off ok. Besides, you do get a fair bit of exercise thanks to the bike (I’m guessing), so you can’t be all that unhealthy..

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