I could be all po-faced about the Sex & The City movie, pointing out that there isn’t a lot to admire in a series that posited that a woman’s main obsessions in life are shoes and finding a husband, that a woman must be judged solely on her fashion sense regardless of the arena she inhabits, that neuroticism is obligatory and anal-obsessed naval gazing is the norm.

But that would be to imply that I didn’t enjoy the series, which I did, enormously. What annoys me is that SATC has become another stick with which to beat thirty-something women. In an ideal world, men would never be allowed to watch it, to avoid them taking it seriously (why do men seem to treat it as a documentary?)

Anyway, preamble over: here is the full-length trailer that was released on Friday. The movie is released May 30 in the USA.

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I watched the trailer this morning. I don’t know…I hearted the series, really. Don’t know why but the idea of the movie is a bit depressing to me in a certain way, a little bitter…
Will see!


I kind of agree with you about the series, but I also think it dealt with some very important issues in a direct and unprejudiced way (like how you can feel distant from your friends once you have a baby, as it happened to Miranda, how women can be judged by having too much sex when men are celebrated for it, as with Samantha, how you have to become less selfish once you share your life with somebody, again as Miranda, etc).
Hahaha, you can see I loved the series in a big way!


Not-so-funny, the trailer was. And I think SATC has become a stick to beat ALL women with, irrespective of age. I liked the show a lot, so I’m hoping the movie doesn’t botch it..


This is a huge problem, and I completely agree with you. I am still scratching my head over why the self-sabotage on the part of women disparaging the SATC phenomenon after the fact…


I am in a quandary about the SATC movie… I adored the series for being so, I don’t know, just different from everything else.

Now, however, I think it’s become just a little too clichĂ©d.

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