MAC have never run shy in their collaborations with musicians, designers, celebrities and models. The latest additions to the stable are the Heatherette team, Trevor Rains and Richie Rich, whose new, hot pink packaged, limited edition range (unsurprisingly called Heatherette) launches in April.

Inspired by life in a big city, it offers two looks: Good Girl By Day – Shine and Rise and Bad Girl by Night – Sparkle like a Superstar on Page Six, and includes lipstick, lipglass, eye shadow, dual-edge eye pencil, glitter, pigment, beauty powder, nail lacquer, and false lashes.

Personally, whilst I’m not averse to Sparking Like A Superstar, I can certainly think of classier places to do it than on Page Six.*

*The New York Post’s salacious, and widely read, gossip column

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That’s a rather ridiculous name for a pigment…

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