Oh the bliss! I flicked on the telly just now and was gobsmacked to see Jennifer Ehle in full Regency fig as Elizabeth Bennett in the BBC’s classic version of Pride & Prejudice. Even better, it was as they arrived at Pemberley and Mr Darcy (Colin Firth) appeared dripping wet, burning up the screen.

Be still my beating heart.

(Turns out it’s Jane Austen season on PBS. That’s my evenings sorted then. It’s the Andrew Davies Sense & Sensibility next.)

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I have officially watched this series 100 times….


I hope you loved the Andrew Davies version of Sense and Sensibility as much as I did. I did not think it could compete with the film, but I just could not get enough of the production design and once again cried like a baby at the end!


Hey – this episode just played over here (in London) on the weekend. My husband looked appalled/bemused as I openly guffawed at Colin Firth emerging from the water. God I love it so much (and his sideburns). xx


Have just completed teaching P&P in “Women in Liteature.” I’d wanted to break out my Jane Austen in LA dress for a session, but light silk and a low neckline are just too chill for this weather! Jane Eyre’s up next on my syllabus, so perhaps I’ll skulk around in something Victorian.


Buy the dvd, take a bed day, eat as much as you want and enjoy! Don’t try and add a male to the equation though. They just don’t get it!


A girl after my own heart – period dramas are like comfort food on a rainy day. I love costumes and chivalry!

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