Today I’m feeling…confused. And not feeling the love for the corporate on-line world that is trying to infitrate the blogosphere. Received an email from some random guy at askmen (huge, nothing special, testosterone-filled, on-line mag) offering to trade links with my tiny fashion blog. Odd.

They also wanted me to link to a news-y piece they were running, pegging Catherine McNeill as the upcoming model to watch. Apart from the fact that I ran a similar piece on Miss McNeill nearly a year on ago this blog (just before Testino put her under contract), why does a mid-market on-line magazine, aimed at men, with overtly male-friendly, women as objects, content, think I’d be interested in sending my readers to read an uninformed piece of page filler? My intelligent & informed bloggers are hardly going to consider them as an expert source of opinion, especially when it’s not her work in the fashion industry that they are interested in…

(They didn’t help their cause when, following my jokey reply, pointing out they were a bit slow off the mark on the news front, and attaching a link to my own year-old story, the guy replied all miffed, saying:
” Yes well im sending you our feature page on Catherine McNeil with the possibility of a link exchange, no need for unnecessary insults”

Right. That’s obviously what I was doing. Personally insulting him. Obviously.

Surely it must have occurred to him that if (ethical) bloggers are going to link to features they need to be pertinent, interesting, relevant AND up to date?

(And now here’s a proper insult for him: Dimwit.)

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What a stoopidhead that guy is. I have absolutely no idea who Catherine McNeill is, but I do recognise a doofus when I read about one.


What an idiot. And Cathetine Mcwho?!?!


Love Catherine McNeill, but yes, he is a little late to the party. Cathy Horyn picked her as a fave a while back too. You never know who your readers are, do you?


Haha, well done. xx


i don’t know what’s going on this time of the year but i myself is getting all kind of “offers” form all type of weird sites that has NOTHING to do with me or my blog asking to trade links… or to advertise some stupid thing that i don’t even have the bit of interest in!… Obviously they haven’t read my blog even once when they all start “Hi!” and don’t say even my name…

What’s wrong with these people? let alone with your guy (the guy from your story i mean)…


Dimwit, dipshit all the same!

Still, LLG, I think they know you’re a hottie and probably have hot female friends (true)who might like to look at other hot females for the purpose of…who the hell knows?

Or maybe he realizes you’re a hottie and have (ugh) horny dudes clustering around your blog who’d love to catch some “approved” eye candy while badgering you for a date.

I cannot stand the corporate link exchange. I have taken to asking them to prove that they will link to me before I bother with them, and guess what? They never do.

Stand your ground!


Lord, what a jerk!

Well done you, though.


Askmen? Doing a fasion blogroll? Strange indeed….and I suppose they think they were being up-to-the-minute, but you were right to reject it.
I’ve had some not-entirely-positive experiences with online corporatey blogs too, but I didn’t expect much in the first place so it’s ok. And you were right to refuse to run the story if you felt it was irrelevant to what you’re currently blogging about.


What a numpty!


How ridiculous!

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