I was absolutely astonished on my trawl through the West End with Miss P last week to see that Marks & Spencers have substantially lowered their pricing. Where a pair of black lace knickers used to cost £12, with the matching bar chiming in at a painful £30, I picked up some very cute undies for a mere £5 for the knicks and £9.50 for the bra. Whilst I am the first to complain against overly cheap clothing, I have to say that I have never understood how knickers could be so very expensive for a mere sliver of fabric. Of course it doesn’t help that I am a 32G (eek!) so I do need some underpinning, but still…I can only assume that with Primark lowering the price bar so successfully, that M&S have had no choice but to follow. Maybe this in some way explains M&S’s less than stellar Christmas trading figures.

I also bought this dress for £39.50 after much humming & hawing. It seems so spot on trend for this SS08 season. If I was living in the UK, I wouldn’t have touched it with a barge pole – I have no desire to wear such an instantly recognisable dress out & about, but I reckon in the US there’s zero chance of bumping into anyone else in it.

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I like the fit of those knickers. What an anomaly in the world of the thong!

I wish prices would come down here; I was in Kohl’s the other day (Kohl’s!!) and noticed that their underwear is nearly the same price as Victoria’s Secret, which is the same price as what second-tier department store brands used to be….

The dress is cute! I agree with you that this would be instantly recognizable in the UK. But there won’t be anything like it in the US.


Wow…. that is impressive cleavage… get you!

I’ve noticed the cheapening of knickers in M&S too…. and they are for me very durable…


oh! i miss marks&sparks! they made the best bras… and for some reason they always had my size, where in the states, they never do.

i have two old ones from 2003… i should let go, but i just can’t.


It’ll be a while before I earn enough to afford pricey underwear, but M&S in India are annoyingly expensive thanks to being a UK brand- which does, on occasion, seem slightly odd to me when I hear UK/US bloggers talking of it as a cheapo brand.


I can understand being a 32F myself. I particularly like the Silk Range – the new magenta colour-way is lovely.

Like you – I took a shine to a piece at the press day – far more generic than the item you chose given that I am here and can’t have it shout.

I think M&S have done a good job in increasing their D-G ranges (for several years I couldn’t get anything there that I would want to be caught in). They have up’ed the sex appeal.

The shame is the Vicky’s Knickers for all of the high profile primetime TV fashion shows doesn’t go beyond a D cup in 90% of its ranges.

You would have thought given the size of the US public, they wouldn’t have been so short sighted.

Tag – your it.


I’m with you on not understanding how knickers can get so expensive.

However I think with M&S the price reduction has been achieved through commesurate reduction in quality 🙁


Into fashion and a 32G?! I’m thrilled– any chance you could recommend good ways to dress for your shape? As a 34DD, I have a hard enough time finding flattering tops (in addition to non-grandma bras) that don’t make me look like a waistless tent. Would love to know how you do it.


i agree!! bras and knickers shdnt be that expensive!!

tt;s why i nvr understood la perle. but i guess. one must really feel sexy in such expensive lingerie!


Happy to see that Marks and Sparks are pulling up there socks. Can’t wait to cross the pond and have a little visit. There is no denying that an excellent bra, no matter what the cost it worth every penny……

Love love love the black bra in the pic, by the by. It is on my must buy list.


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