Thrift is to be my watchword this year. And I have the best of good intentions. It’s just that I do wish that New Year’s Resolutions didn’t coincide with the winning combination of a new season and the sales. Especially when I’m in London with all these lovely fast fashion shops that don’t exist in New York.

Because, believe me, whilst America excels at fashion in the £100-£350 bracket (just take a look at the Intermix and shopbop websites if you don’t believe me), it truly sucketh in the below £100 category. There’s Forever 21 (New Look on acid. It gives me a headache), Banana Republic for office-y staidness/suburban housewife gear, and then the ubiquitous international chains (Hennes, Zara & Mango, which has just landed) if you want to look just like everyone else. The slightly more upmarket British High Street stores are starting to make an impression: French Connection, Sharon Millen and Reiss all have a strong presence in Manhattan but are the same price or more expensive than they are in London, which makes no sense at all with a 2:1 dollar/pound.

There is no equivalent of Topshop (which I think is over rated, but still), Miss Selfridge, New Look, River Island, Wallis, Warehouse, Principles, Oasis, Dorothy Perkins, or M&S Limited Collection: the stores where a savvy shopper can pick up interesting pieces to perk up her designer & vintage-filled wardrobe, and experiment with new looks.

I spent the whole of Monday in the West End with Miss P, helping her fill her new season wardrobe gaps and I was so super-restrained. But it killed me. There was a delicious fitted black blazer for £80 (reduced from £180) in Whistles, edged in navy blue grosgrain which I really, really want. But, all I bought was a pair of on-sale dancing shoes in New Look. They were £10/$20, so I think I can be forgiven?

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ah yes…you are indeed…

when i lived in london, i NEVER shopped topshop… i think i got most of my clothes at the markets, like spitalfields, or charity shoppes. to tell the truth, oxfordstreet just gave me a super big headache.

but then again, i was a student, and poor.


You my dear were, as always, more restrained than I. Hope you are feeling better! I am jet lagged but in love with the AA JFK – Stansted flight – NO more Heathrow!!!


Hey.. no harm in stocking up on the high street goodies whilst you’re here… though Topshop is coming to NYC next year so you can get a bit of a fix there (even if it’s not 100% your thing…)

I’m looking forward to lots and lots of thrifting in NYC….!


I cannot resist a black blazer, ever. I have them in a variety of sizes, having had some of them cut down to fit.

And who doesn’t need dancing shoes, even when the sidewalks are icy?

Good score, LLG!


you are SO right. that’s a brilliant description of forever 21 – on acid indeed, it’s terrible looking at the store from the outside.




Those dancing shoes are very pretty. You’d never know that they were from New Look!


I suddenly feel very lucky to be living in the UK.

I often take shops over here for granted, and covet the glitz and glamour of Manhattan!


ygoszvForgiven indeed, those dancing shoes look lovely!


Hmm, I think I might have messed up the comment I just sent but anyway; I ment to say that those shoes are lovely 🙂

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