Le Rev, CC Sheffield During CMJ in October I hopped it down to Fontana’s on the Lower East Side for Los Angeles’ Viper Rooms’ series of showcase gigs. On the Friday I was there to support my gorgeous friend Julian aka Shah (ex-Whitey) who had flown in from LA to play bass for CC Sheffield’s band Le Rev.

A somewhat odd evening. Julian whisked us up to backstage before the show, and I sat down with CC who charmed me from the get go. Intelligent, self-deprecating and funny, she is a talented actress & model who puts a large chunk of her earnings into her self-financed band. She hasn’t taken the easy option of churning out pretty girl pop, and instead plays a fantastic post-punk set. It has to be said she also looks fabulous.

After jumping about like a Mexican bean during their (very good) set, I retired backstage to regroup & get stuck into the vodka. Which is when Julian appeared, uttering the immortal line, “Harvey Weinstein wants to meet you.”

Somewhat tipsy, and very unbelieving (Fontana’s isn’t exactly a glam venue), I followed him downstairs, weaving through the grubby dancefloor to the front bar where Harvey Weinstein was indeed perched across a bar stool, talking with CC, who had told him a writer from XXXXX was in the house. Hence the summons. Turns out he’s a very big fan of the band and of CC, who he thinks will go far. We chatted for a while, and then I made myself scarce, whisking into the bathrooms to scrawl down, rather illegibly, Harvey’s pearls of wisdom.

Check out Le Rev’s MySpace, and CC’s blog. CC Sheffield, Le Rev

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I love getting to hear about bands, and CC sounds awesome. I love girls who front their lineups, and it sounds like CC is 100% committed to what she does..
It does sound like a surreal sort of thing to happen though, meeting Harvey Weinstein in the middle of it.


Plus, I must say she has great style- something I forgot to note at first..


“Harvey Goldstein wants to meet you.”
well, those would have been words to sober me up! In a shit scared kind of way; I always thought he seems like a
bit of an intimidating dick. Though to be honest, I know very little about it.

Exciting all the same.

Well done on making the catwalk queen top fashion blogs list by the way, I hope you’re deservedly smug.

Happy Christmas to you!

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